2007 MLB Draft Q&A: Jace Brown

A promising shortstop out of Cardinal Mooney High School in Sarasota, Florida, Jace Brown has begun to draw more pro attention of late. He still has not made appearances on many prospect lists, but could be a big time sleeper headed into next spring. We recently caught up with Brown for a Q&A session.

Scout.com: First of all, it was a summer of showcases for you. How you do you feel your summer went and what were you able to get out of it?

Jace Brown: My summer consisted more of consecutive games than showcases. However, I did attend a few showcases, but feel the showcases are limited in what you can tell about a player in two days. I would rather have someone watch me play and get to know me as a player and a person. The summer went well. I found out a lot about myself and what baseball is all about.

Scout.com: Which event do you think you had your best showing at and why?

Jace Brown: My overall season seemed to give me the most success. My rating actually fell for "Perfect Game", which I thought was interesting because I came off my best season in high school and summer play.

Scout.com: If you had describe your overall game, what are some important things you'd point out and basically what should people know about your style of play?

Jace Brown: I play every game as if it is the last game I'm going to play. As far as skills, I feel that I am an overall balanced player, who just loves to play baseball. At this point, I feel I can compete with anyone out there.

Scout.com: What would you say is your strongest attribute as a player and why?

Jace Brown: My ability to lead on the field followed by my approach at the plate. My first love is playing defense. I put a lot of pride into my defensive play.

Scout.com: Have you committed to college yet? If so, which one and have you thought ahead about the decision you could have to make between going pro and college?

Jace Brown: I have verbally committed to the University of Georgia. I'm excited about any opportunity to play ball. Going pro depends on many factors, but it is something that I want in the future for sure.

Scout.com: What do you feel are the most significant improvements you have to make over the next year and how do you plan to correct them?

Jace Brown: I need to get stronger and keep working hard on all aspects of the game.

Scout.com: It seems that you were a player that moved up a lot on many prospects lists this summer. What differences do you think there were in your game that got you the added attention?

Jace Brown: I think it definitely boosted my confidence and allowed me to just enjoy playing baseball. I think the main thing is the fact that I put on weight and got stronger.

Scout.com: What do you feel is the most important thing an organization should know about you that they might not see at first glance?

Jace Brown: That I love my mother. That I'm a hard worker in everything that I do. I know how to act and conduct myself properly.

Scout.com: What big league player would you best compare yourself to in terms of style and why?

Jace Brown: Derek Jeter. I have grown up watching him and my fielding style is comparable to his, as well as my leadership on and off the field.

Scout.com: How would you describe your approach at the plate?

Jace Brown: In order to be successful at the plate, I feel that you always have to have a plan. It is important to not only be aggressive, but to be patient and select your pitches.

Scout.com: You've been praised for your offensive skills by many scouts. What do you think makes you such a strong hitter?

Jace Brown: Confidence is a big factor. I feel that I'm a very versatile hitter. I can hit for power, average, and I can get the job done.

Scout.com: How do you feel playing against such strong competition has helped you as a player?

Jace Brown: Raising the bar has been a very fun and enlightening experience. Being challenged is something that is important to me, especially at this point in my career.

Scout.com: How would you break down your defensive game? Do you feel it is one of your stronger points?

Jace Brown: My defensive play is definitely one of my strongest points and it is something that I enjoy. I take a lot of pride in getting rid of the ball early and making a strong accurate throw. For me, defense is something that I only excel and improve upon.

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