Duncan Trying To Improve Consistency

Former first round draft pick Eric Duncan has had a rough 2007 season.  While his body has remained durable and remotely injury free, his offensive statistics indicate that he may be overmatched at the Triple-A level.  Duncan feels that the key to finding success at this stage on the game is to focus on maintaining consistent performances on a nightly basis and always being prepared.

"It's been all up and down at the plate this year comfort wise. Some days I feel locked in and ready to go, totally ready to roll, and it's real easy to spot pitches. Other days, I just don't feel comfortable at all and I have some really bad at bats."

Eric Duncan's .235 batting average is not what the Yankees pictured when they drafted him in the first round of the 2003 amateur draft, and many feel that he may have been rushed through the farm system. 

"I don't feel rushed. Yea, I've gone through the levels pretty quick, but wherever I went to start a season, I always have felt confident that I was ready. The Yankees obviously felt that way too, otherwise I would not have begun the year at this level." 

"Sometimes it works out sometimes it doesn't," Duncan added.

2007 mark's Duncan's first full season in Triple-A ball and he has responded with a .235 batting average and ten home runs in 96 games. His .318 on base percentage is encouraging, but still not enough to help him regain his status as a top prospect in the Yankees' farm system.

"Obviously I haven't done as well as I would have liked. That's been clear. There is not much you can do to control that. I've come to the park every day, and worked hard and tried to prepare as well as I could for every game." 

Duncan, coming off a solid July, is having a frigid August. His streakiness from month to month has been one of his many downfalls during the 2007 season. 

"I'm not sure what contributed to those down months. I got my work and batting practice in, and I was seeing the ball fine. It just seems like I have not been able to find a groove. I'll have a good game one night and an awful one the next night." 

"Some days have been good, some have been bad." 

Some minor injuries have contributed to Duncan's poor season, but he has not encountered any previous injuries this year.

"I had a couple thumb problems this wise; I had a bone bruise one time, and a sprain another time. I haven't been 100% this year, but I'm feeling great lately." 

Duncan has had a down year, but at 23 years-old, he still has more than enough time to hit his stride and become a talented hitter. 

Duncan may look into playing winter ball, but has not made an official conclusion on the matter as of yet.

"I have not really made any decision on weather or not I'll be playing in the winter yet." 

Instead of worrying about the off season, Duncan would rather focus on finding stability and becoming a more reliable player for the remainder of the season.

"I think the number one thing is consistency. Everyone is going to go through ruts in as season. I just have to keep these ruts as short as possible in the future." 

"I just have to keep working. All I can do is try to prepare myself as much as possible. It's the only way."

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