Driver Insider Board Rules

We don't have many rules here; however the rules should be followed at ALL times. We want this to be an enjoyable board for all.


1) Race day

 On Race Days an administrator or Moderator will create a "Race Day Thread" Please keep ALL race related posts in that single thread so as not to flood the board with a bunch of "Wow did you see that awesome pass" types of posts. It makes the front page cleaner, neater and easier to follow.

2) Language

While most of us have been known to sling 4 letters every now and again, we are endeavoring to keep the language usage on this board around a PG-13 level.  Profanity or obscenities are not permitted in any way shape or form, not even if disguised with symbols (i.e.: asterisks or dollar signs).

 2) Unrelated Material

Since Driver Insider is all about serious NASCAR discussion we try to keep most off-topic discussion regulated to the "Off Track" forum. The occasional off topic as well as most racing related items will be allowed. We only ask that you put "OT" in the subject field for non-NASCAR related posts.

 3) Inappropriate Material

Any matter determined to be inappropriate, unrelated or not within the intended scope of this bulletin board will be removed without notification. What constitutes inappropriate or unrelated matter is solely the discretion of the administrators, although, pornographic material will NOT be tolerated.

4) Courtesy

No personal attacks or "flames" are allowed. Flames are defined as comments that reflect upon the person instead of their opinion. If you dislike someone, please do not call them names or speculate on their personal lives. Again, what constitutes and attack or flame is solely the discretion of the administrators.  We understand that NASCAR Fans are passionate about their favorite driver and say things in the heat of battle but instead of just insulting them, try to discount their posts using intelligence

The rule to live by is to attack the opinion, not the poster.

Making post commenting on a driver's life style off the track including but not limited to any post containing a sexual preference or racist remarks will not be tolerated.  This will solely be left up to the Mods and Adm. Of the board.

Disputes should be and will be pursued and conducted via private channels and not in public forums.  This goes with disputes with ANYONE, including Admins or Moderators.

Also, the moderators are not going to tolerate someone disrupting the flow of the board either. One doesn't have to necessarily post personal attacks to disrupt an entire board. These matters will be handled usually by deleting posts. If the moderators deem it necessary, a ban could occur at any time without notice, especially for repeat offenders.

 5) Spam, Advertising, Soliciting or Junk E-mail.

Use the our message board or chat room for the purpose of sending junk email, chain letters, duplicative or unsolicited messages or spamming of any kind is prohibited.

Although we do allow the occasional "heads up" about something new, useful or interesting relating to our sport, no advertising of any kind, including non-profit organizations, is allowed without express written permission from the administrator of this bulletin board.

Keep in mind, this doesn't mean if you casually mention another site or show a reference to another site that it will get deleted.   We are talking about someone coming on, and in there first post, they say "Come here!  This place is great!" and then never post again.   There is a difference and it is usually obvious.

 8) Posting Articles

While we love it when people post quotes from articles and links to articles, we would greatly appreciate it if our members would not post whole articles in a thread. This mainly has to do with Copyrights and such. Just post a link to the article, and use the [quote][/quote] tags to quote some pieces of the article. Usually around 175 words is all you should be putting into your posts, give or take.

 Driver Insider has "custom titles available"the title under your name on board. The title will change depending on the post count you have. NOTE: When a poster reaches 200 post he/she will be eligible for a "Custom Title" of their choice.

Below is a list of titles that Driver Insider has.


1-499 NASCAR Fan

500- 999 Pit Crew

1000-1399 Driver

1400-1599 NASCAR Legend

1600-1999 NASCAR HOFer

2000  Your Custom Title

Note: Following the above rules will not only enhance your Driver Insider message board experience but will enhance the experience of those around you as well. We hope you enjoy our community, and we look forward to you becoming a vibrant contributing member of it.