Toyota coming to NASCAR in 2007

Well it appears that Toyota will enter the NASCAR Winston Cup Ranks in 2007. They will be running the Toyota Camry.<br><BR> That will be three years after it has entered the Truck Series with the Toyota Tundra.

Toyota engineers are working on the carbureted V8. It's still on the computer at this point, but will soon come to three-dimensional form. One problem with the engine is casting it in iron. Most Toyota blocks are aluminum alloy, but engineers found a Toyota facility in Japan that still casts in iron.

 GM and Ford teams are both worried that when Toyota comes into Winston Cup racing, it will raise the financial stakes considerably, and that GM and Ford executives in turn will have to cut back on the support they give their own teams if they have to start matching Toyota's expected surge of TV ads.

Driver and owners are also not happy with the fact that a foreign made manufacture is going to be in the W.C. Series. Roush Racing has been very vocal against this issue.

Personally I hate to see Toyota come to the W.C. ranks, I know it will bring more fans to the sport from around the world, but this sport is about the Red, White and Blue. A "blue color" sport if you  will.

Whats next in this sport, Nissan, Honda ? Lets hope not.

Eddie Heavner

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