What a special night for Earnhardt fans at Lowes

Richard Childress went from car owner to driver for about for a moment Saturday night when he drove the famous black No.3 at Lowes Motor Speedway in celebration for RJ Reynolds and Winston. What an emotional ride for Richard Childress and the rest of his crew, when given the command to for Childress to start the black 3, you could see Childress, long time friend and owner of six of the Late Dale Earnhardt's 7 Winston Cup Championships wiping back the tears

When Carmen Electra gave the command to start the engine of the 3 car alone, you could he the roar of the engine over the silence of the 160,000 in attendance.


When that car pulled out onto the track to lead the rest for four pace laps, the crowd of 160,000 was on its feet and yelling and cheering on RC and the black 3 one last time, you could see the flashbulbs going off as it look like stars over the track. Everyone was holding up 3 fingers in the famous Dale Earnhardt salute.


After being joined at the front for a lap by Jeff Gordon, the active driver participating in the Victory Lap salute to Winston, Richard took the car to the start-finish line, spun it around and gave the crowd something to cheer about, a burn out. Childress revved the engine and smoke billowed from the rear tires that would make the "young guns" proud.


Richard had said before the race, not to be sad, but to remember the great times and be happy that we had them.


For me, I will never forget the great times I had watching the late great Dale Earnhardt at the track or on TV. I didn't care where others drivers where on the track, I just wanted to know where the "Man in Black" was at. If he was in the back, you could rest assured that he would be charging to the front.


Like his last win at Talladega, was running in the 15th position with 5 laps to go and brought home the win.  Priceless!!


One place you didn't want to see Earnhardt was in your rear view mirror, because you knew he was going to do what ever it took to get by you. A lot of drivers say he was the best at restrictor plate racin, and understandably so. He could get more horsepower out of a car and draft better than anyone in the sport.


Some drivers jokingly say that Earnhardt could see the air coming off the cars .Is it a joke or could the "Intimidator" see the air?


Dale also took pride in his Super Speedway program, and it shows with DEI Inc. today. Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Michael Waltrip are the guys to beat at restrictor plate tracks. Drivers have tried to separate the two teammates but that still couldn't stop the duo of finishing 1st and 2nd at the last race at Talladega Speedway.


There no dought that DEI misses Dale's knowledge and leadership to this day. Michael would have given anything for the "Man in Black" to sneak up behind him and give him that big headlock that Dale was so famous for.


Lord knows I still miss him and that Black 3 on the track.


Thank you Richard Childress for giving us Earnhardt fans the chance to see the Goodwrench 3 back on the track one last time. And thank you Dale Earnhardt Sr. for all the great memories.



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