Nascar Handing Out Penalties This Week

. First up this week was Todd Berrier, crew chief for the No. 29 car. He's been a couple of times this year already. This one cost him $5,000. It was the usual actions detrimental to stock car racing. It happened before the race. He's in trouble because of what he's crew member did.

Next up was Marc Smith, crew member for the No. 29 car.  This was the same actions detrimental to stock car racing but he is now suspended until October 29, 2003.  He was trying to mess with the inspection process.  What was he thinking?  I believe he's already been in trouble before this year. 


As the door revolved at the big red truck, the big blue truck over on the Busch side was moving too.  Bobby Hamilton Jr. was fined $3,000 for using inapporiate language.  He must have been cussing someone after the race.  He better cussed $3,000 worth and to me that would be a lot.


I believe the best one though was this one.  I'm going to quote it directly from Mike Harmon, driver of the No. 44 NASCAR Busch Series car, was fined $3,000. He was in violation of Section 12-4-A: Actions detrimental to stock car racing. Throwing restraint device at another competitor's car. Infraction occurred during race.   Now to me that is funny.


Now boys let's behave this weekend and I don't want to see any of you the principal's office on Monday.


By:  rissmeek

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