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It's been awhile since I've had the chance to sit down in front of my computer and write.  I've been busy with work and going back to school.  If you want more information on that check the message board.  I guess you could say I took this weekend off.  It was an important weekend in a race fan's life.  It was the end to the season.

 The start of a long break from racing.  By taking the time off, I was able to catch up on some reading.  I subscribe to Auto Racing Digest and I usually pick up Winston Cup Illustrated.  These two magazines help me keep up in the world of racing when I get to busy.  They also allow me to see what others are thinking. 

 The opening articles in WCI pleasantly surprised me this month.  They seemed to run in line with my thoughts and views on change.  As I flipped through WCI and read the letters of opinion though I was somewhat baffled by one.  I know I could have taken this rant to WCI and they will be receiving a copy of this article, the likely hood though of it making it into the magazine I see very slim.  So to be able to get my view across, I'm using this venue. 

A person from Connecticut wrote about the uproar that has been displayed about Nascar leaving the south, in particular the moving of the Labor Day Southern 500.  This person went on to say that most of this commotion has been made by native Southerners.  I hate to break it to him but it hasn't.  I am not from the south.  The closest I've ever come to living in the south is Branson, Mo.  I believe I speak for all of us who are disappointed with the changes in the Nascar schedule when I say, we understand that Nascar is no longer a regional sport it just seems that Nascar is throwing away its roots.

Nascar has been moving away from its "southern style" for sometime now.  The drivers are no longer "marketed" as good ol' boys.  They are now corporate America's poster men.  They are used to sell just about everything now.  The majority of the drivers use proper English.  Seldom do you hear the ain't word anymore, unless it's Dale Earnhardt Jr.  Then came the announcement that Winston was leaving.  We were all lead to believe that it was their choice.  I now wonder if they weren't forced out by the changing Nascar.  Then came the changes in venues.  Darlington, the granddaddy of them all, lost the Labor Day race; Rockingham lost one of its races.  That made us die-hard fans of old speak up.  We were tired of seeing tradition thrown by the wayside. 

If Nascar continues in its ways I'm afraid that some of the things that first drew me to this sport will be gone.  I will say the main reason I am a fan is because my daddy was a fan.  I grew up watching the sport.  I stayed a fan though because the guys didn't seem like other sports figures.  I felt that I could sit down with many of the guys and just chat.  I still feel that way about some.  I can see myself drinking a cold Bud Light with Dale Earnhardt Jr., or sitting down with Sadler and talking farming.  I'm just afraid that Nascar is going to turn its back on that and become more like baseball and football.

By Melissa Meek

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