My thoughts on the "Chase for the Championship"

With the recent announcement NASCAR made with regards to the new points system I felt it was time to point out what NASCAR should have done and what NASCAR did do. Here what they did do.

The "chase for the championship" will take effect after the first 26 races. The drivers in the top 10 and any other within 400 points of the leader will  earn a berth in what NASCAR has dubbed the "Chase for the Championship."Those drivers will have their point totals adjusted.

The first-place driver  will begin the final 10 races with 5,050 points, the second driver 5,045 and so on, with incremental drops of five points for all those involved in the championship showdown.

What they should have done:

They should have left it alone... But since they didn't there are better alternatives.... There are many different scenarios that could come back to haunt NASCAR and  this new format. Say Dale Earnhardt Jr. comes in to the 26th race of the season with a comfy 300 point lead in the standings. The next race, the lead  is only 5. As the season goes on Dale Jr. averages a 8th place finish. A finish that would easily hold on to the title with 10 races left. But then Jeff Gordon, always a good finisher towards the end of the season, hits a hot streak and has an average finish of 4.2 for the final 10 races. But at the beginning of the year, Gordon barely squeezed in to the top 10, having a lackluster season. Dale Jr. fans and Jeff Gordon fans would be at a constant roar creating all kinds of controversy. Dale Jr. fans would be furious and NASCAR would have their hands full. Dale Jr. fans may even go on strike.

This brings me to what they should have done...

Count the first 26 races of the season as the regular season. If you are going to design a system similar to other sports you need a regular season.
The champion of the regular season is rewarded a title and the champion of  the playoff system is rewarded a title.
n the playoff system the leader of the regular season has his lead cut in half. In case of Jr.'s 300 point lead (listed above) it would be a 150 point lead. The rest of the positions keep to the new format.

This would create a playoff feel but not quite a playoff. It would raise TV audiences and increase interest for the sport, as well as halfway pleasing its current fans.

My brief opinion:

Whoever becomes this years champion in the so called "race for the championship" should not be listed with the likes of Dale Earnhardt ,Richard Petty, or any other champion. Whether or not they only won one title or seven titles. This new system relies to much on streaks rather than consistency.

 But why would NASCAR care about my opinion, I'm just a fan.

By Jason Jordan (daleearnhardtdiehard)

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