My Top 10 For 2004

I sat down to read my magazines for this month and they were plastered with their picks of the top drivers for the year.  I was inspired to pick my own.  While theirs were not humorous at all I tried to make mine that way.  If you are going to do something that's been done at least 100 times already since November you might as well do it differently. 


1.       Dale Earnhardt Jr. – Let's face it folks he's mad.  Not only did Matt win the ROY now his won the championship before him.  Their friendship is domed.

2.       Ryan Newman – He would win if he could convince Nascar to pay points for poles.

3.       Tony Stewart – Hopefully he'll remember how well he did when he was punching people after the races and be back towards the top.  A few punches seem to add up to a few wins.

4.       Jimmie Johnson – He's too cute to be out of the top five. 

5.       Kevin Harvick – With his thinning hair he'll be faster this year.  I'm sure in the past it was all that hair that was slowing him down.

6.       Jeff Gordon – If he's not here (or higher) then you better get right with your maker cause the end of the world is coming soon.

7.       Matt Kenseth – He would have finished higher but Earnhardt and Stewart beat him up after a couple of races.

8.       Bobby Labonte – He started driving faster now that Coach is on TV on Sunday's too. 

9.       Kurt Busch – Between the closer shave his getting and the relief of not seeing Spencer in his mirror all the time will surely help.

10.   Terry Labonte – Someone has to show these young punks how to get it done.

        There are few others I think will do well and deserve mentioning.  These guys are purely in alphabetical order.

Dale Jarrett – We've changed crew chiefs so many times even Dale doesn't know who crew chief is and he doesn't care now.

Jeff Burton – He's decided to do better now that Waaard is on TV so much.  He doesn't want everyone in the country thinking that's how all the Burtons talk.

Mark Martin – Can you say pissed?  That punk Kennesth won the championship and he is part owner of that team.

Rusty Wallace – He'll be having a little whine, oops I mean wine this year at each race.

Michael Waltrip – He's going to show people he knows how to win at some place besides Daytona.  Mikey I hate to tell you Talledega doesn't count.


As I said before this my top ten picks for the year but the comments beside are purely comical.  I hope no offense was taken and if it was you can sound off to me on the message boards or e-mail me at


By: Rissmeek


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