Remember Me Y'all

It's been awhile since I've written anything for this site. While I've felt bad about it I haven't exactly had any time too either. Between shaking my head trying to figure out what the heck Nascar has been up and planning a wedding it has been insane. I should be writing my vows instead of writing this but you know I have a week left.

The Chase turned out ok. Kurt Busch pleasantly surprised me. I had six tapes on stand by so I could get the whole ceremony on tape. I was disappointed in all the kiss @ss though. You know Jeff Gordon wanted to kill Brian France. Next year ought to be good though. Think about it everyone is going to be gunning for Busch so we ought to see a lot of him spanking himself.

I think we should all go together this year and get Brian France a one-way ticket to a mental hospital somewhere. He obliviously has gone off the deep end. Do you ever think that France, Jr. is sitting there going, "What was I thinking?" It will all blow up in his face but I'm afraid that by that time the fans will be gone. It's ok, it's been a good 54 years.

I'm thankful this year that Senior is not here to witness this. If he were still alive he wouldn't be racing. He would be locked up in the state pen for murder. He would have thrown such a fit over the entire BS that Brian would have fined him 300 points and a million dollars. I believe Senior's response would be to go hunting. In a way it's a shame because things would be better, but we don't need one of our stars in jail. Unless of course we could talk Jimmy Spencer into doing it that would be worthwhile. What do you think guys?

Now about the #3 movie, who cast it? We get a pretty good Earnhardt family but dear Lord if they hadn't called Bonnet and Waltrip by name I'd had no clue who they were. I could have sworn Neil had gray hair. I also could have sworn that Waltrip and Earnhardt ended up friends. The quotes were in the wrong places and I never heard Senior call Junior Junebug, which is what I thought he did. Other than that it was a decent movie.

I, Melissa, take you Paul to be my husband. I promise to love you until Nascar returns to its roots. I promise to be by your side everyday of our lives, with the exception of the races at the following tracks: Daytona, Talladega, Bristol, Martinsville, and Richmond and all night races. I promise never to forsake you unless Dale Earnhardt Jr. decides he's in love with me. I will never start sex with boogity, boogity, boogity
Oh sorry forgot I was writing for the website. Happy holidays and I promise to let you know how the wedding goes.

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