The low down on the new 2005 impound rules

NASCAR has implemented new impound rules for some 21 of the 36 Nextel races plus the Nextel All- Star Challenge Race. With the new change it will be hard to keep up with the new rules and the tracks that they will be enforced at. So below is a how the new impound rule will be enforced, what track they will be in enforced at and what work the team can and cannot do to the cars while in impound.

Tracks with impound rule


 Feb. 27-California, Mar. 20-Atlanta, Apr. 3-Bristol,Apr. 23-Phoenix, May 7-Darlington, May 14 Richmond, May 21-Lowe's (All-Star Challenge) , June 12-Pocono, June 19-Michigan, July 2-Daytona , July 17-New Hampshire , July 24-Pocono, Aug. 14-Watkins Glen, Aug. 21-Michigan , Aug. 27-Bristol , Sept. 10-Richmond , Sept. 18-New Hampshire, Oct. 9-Kansas, Oct. 30-Atlanta and Nov. 20-Homestead.


Following qualifying for the NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Series event, the cars will be escorted to their respective garage stalls by a NASCAR Official (with the exception of the top five cars, which will be placed in a designated area for post-qualifying inspection).
Once the car is pushed to the garage stall, only two crew members will be allowed to remain in the garage.


The following work list will be allowed


1. Plug in oil heater (if teams use a generator, it must remain outside the garage);
2. Open hood;
3. Prime oil system;
4. Back car out of garage to start;
5. Turn master switch on;
6. Open oil cooler bypass valve (optional)'
7. Start engine;
8. Close hood;
9. Set tire pressure;
10. Torque wheels;
11. Install radio and water bottle;
12. Remove or repair tape on front of car (i.e. grille, valance, brake ducts.); and
13. If applicable, BST or Pi Research may replace equipment batteries under NASCAR supervision.


Teams May NOT


1. Enter the garage without a NASCAR Official present;
2. Jack up any part of the car;
3. Add water or pressurize the cooling system;
4. Climb inside the car;
5. Adjust wedge bolts, shocks or sway bars;
6. Add fuel, oil or brake fluid;
7. Remove air box; or
8. Adjust fenders, spoiler or any body components.

Fuel Pumps:

A maximum of three (3) crewmembers per car at anytime, escorted by NASCAR Officials, may go to the fuel pumps. For Tracks 1 mile and under, a maximum of two gallons of fuel will be added. For Tracks 1 ½ miles, a maximum of three gallons of fuel will be added. For Tracks above 1 ½ miles, a maximum of four gallons of fuel will be added.

Height Platform A maximum of three (3) crew members per car at anytime, accompanied by NASCAR Officials, may escort the respective car to the height platform.

Teams May:
1. Adjust front and rear wedge bolts: A maximum of one (1) turn for front bolts. A maximum of 1 ½ turn for rear bolts.
2. Adjust track bar at frame end adjuster. No maximum on track bar adjustment.
3. Adjust external shock bleeds.

Teams May NOT:
1. Change any components.
2. Add spring inserts.
Scales A maximum of three (3) crewmembers per car at anytime, accompanied by NASCAR Officials, may escort the respective car to the scales. Any car that does not meet required weight specifications may be subject to penalty. After completion, the generator will be reconnected to the car and pushed to pit road. Generators will be permitted out on pit road with the car.


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