The State of NASCAR:Part 2

This is the 2nd part of a 3 part series being done by SNL. This part of the story is about Cup drivers running full time in both the Netxel Cup Series and the Busch Series. Again anyone wishing to write articles for the site can contact me by email at or thru my inbox.

One thing in the sport of NASCAR is certain the Busch Series is hardly the Busch Series any more. It seems in recent years (most notably this one) that the Busch Series has simply become Nextel Cup, Part 2.

Fifteen races have been run this season in NASCAR's Busch Series and everyone of those fifteen Busch Series races have been won by a driver running a full Nextel Cup schedule. Busch Series regulars don't have a shot in Hell at winning a Busch Series race. You will no longer see veteran Busch Series drivers like Kenny Wallace, David Green, or Jason Keller in victory lane at a Busch Series race, because Cup drivers like Kevin Harvick, Carl Edwards, Denny Hamlin and more insist on running full schedules in the Busch Series.

As of Saturday, June 17th Paul Menard was the highest ranking Busch Series regular in the Busch Series points standings in eighth place. The top seven drivers in the 2006 Busch Series standings (Kevin Harvick, Carl Edwards, Clint Bowyer, Denny Hamlin, Greg Biffle, JJ Yeley, and Kyle Busch) are all regulars in the Nextel Cup Series.

 In the past the Busch Series has been a breeding ground for younger drivers one day hoping to make it to the big leagues of the Cup Series and for veteran drivers who either had been forced out of the Cup Series due to age, thus no longer bringing in sponsors (because they are out for young talent) or drivers who just weren't good enough for the Cup Series, yet better than your average Saturday night local track drivers. It seems as if now the Busch Series is solely for Cup Drivers who want more money, and more track experience. Drivers should be required to choose one series and remain loyal to it. Nextel Cup drivers should not be eliminated from racing in the Busch Series, because that would in fact hurt the series, Cup drivers have always been allowed to run the Busch Series. This, however, has gotten out of control in recent years and NASCAR must implement a rule to allow the Busch Series to be returned to the Busch Series drivers.

 I believe that NASCAR should implement a ten race rule for Nextel Cup drivers in the Busch Series. No driver running a complete Nextel Cup schedule should be allowed to run more than ten Busch Series races. This would insure that the Busch Series championship would be won by a Busch Series driver and more Busch Series regulars would be in contention to win Busch Series races.

Let's return the Busch Series back to the Busch Series racers. Nextel Cup guys simply don't belong; it's the closest thing to cheating in my mind in all of NASCAR. It is the equivalent to a professional basketball or football player going down to play college ball.

By: Julian Spivey

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