Bob Finnan's 100 Things Cavs Fans Should Know - Book Review

Everyone has memories of last year's Championship etched into their brains but Bob Finnan has a lifetime of knowledge to share with fans.

100 Things Cavaliers Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die

Bob Finnan has covered the Cleveland Cavaliers for years. He is a name I knew before Twitter was a thing. 

Bob covered the Cavs for 20 years for The News-Herald winning a number of awards including The Associated Press' General Excellence Award. He was also honored by the Pro Basketball Writers Association in the game story category in 2004.

As soft-spoken legend among die-hard Cavs fans, Bob has never been a click bait guy, never tooted his own horn and always engaged with fans and fellow writers.

Bob publishing his book became a must-read for me, even as a guy who struggles to focus long enough to get through reading 1,000 word articles. 100 Things Cavaliers Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die is a must read and a perfect holiday gift.

Bob does a great job of not just focusing on the Championship run, though he certainly hits on it, but on history that many Cavs fans, young and old, might forget but shouldn't.

Starting out with a foreword by long-time Cavs great Austin Carr, this book gives you the history of the Cavs, all the ups and all the downs. Carr takes you on his own mini journey through the Cavs history, you can feel his passion through the words on the page, all the way up to his excitement of them raising the banner in The Q:

I'm so thankful the Cavs will finally get to raise a championship banner in Quicken Loans Arena. That's icing on the cake. We all deserve at least one."

Bob hits home quickly with some of the biggest stories in recent history for the Cavs: The Title, the 2003 Draft, The Decision, the team's first trip to the NBA Finals and the Miracle of Richfield kick off the first five chapters with a bang. 

Bob does a great job of giving a nice overview of these events while breaking down details that fans may have forgotten or never known. Reading them was like reliving them all over again, at least those I've been alive for. I could almost see the events play out in my head.

But Bob doesn't stop at just the big events, the high and low lights of the team, he drilled down into some of the most interesting stories, both public and not, that Cavs fans will be lapping up like Cavs players enjoyed their post-Championship champagne.

The 1990 story of the contract negotiations of John "Hot Rod" Williams is interesting in retrospect. The first contentious free agency issue between the Cavs and the Miami Heat and what the Cavs had to do to keep everyone happy was an interesting inside look at a time before social media and constant access to information.

The story of Ted Stepien should never be forgotten, nor will it with the Draft rule named after him. Earl Boykins, Boobie Gipson, Kevin Ollie, Christ Gatling and many more have their stories shared in 100 Things Cavaliers Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die but it isn't the individual stories that stand out.

Bob's ability to weave his story telling of characters, events and narratives together gives a complete picture of the Franchise. It isn't just a book about LeBron. It isn't just a book about the Championship. It isn't just a book about the players, coaches, front office and owners. It isn't just a book about the fans.

In fact, it isn't just a book.

Bob Finnan's 100 Things Cavaliers Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die is an investment in history, in storytelling and in the passionate love between a city and a team. It doesn't read like a standard book because it isn't.

With the holiday season approaching, and a long Regular Season in preparation for another run to an NBA Championship in front of us, Bob's book is a must get. It is perfect to be read one story at a time or all at once. It is great for older generations to teach the younger generation what it was like to experience the highs and lows of the team.

It is a story that will lead to more stories, more conversations and more coming together around our Cleveland Cavaliers.


You can buy 100 Things Cavaliers Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die wherever books are sold. Click here to purchase on Amazon as a start to your Holiday Shopping.


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