Report: Cavs bringing in veteran point guards for tryouts

ESPN reports the Cavaliers are bringing in several veteran point guards to possibly fill their vacant roster spot

CLEVELAND--It looks like LeBron might be getting some help.

ESPN reported that the Cavaliers are bringing in several former NBA veteran point guards to work out for the team, including Mario Chalmers, Kirk Heinrich and Jordan Farmar. Also, Lance Stephenson, who is more of a wing is also reported to be coming in.

The Cavaliers have one vacant roster spot and could free up another if they were to waive the injured Chris Andersen.

Chalmers, 30, played with LeBron James in Miami when the Heat reached the NBA Finals four times, including two titles. Chalmers suffered an Achilles tendon injury last March while playing with the Grizzlies, but is recovered from the injury. His career average is 9.0 points a game and 3.8 assists. 

Stephenson, 26, had groin surgery in November, and was last with the Pelicans before being waived. Stephenson averaged 9.7 points per game, 4.8 assists and 3 rebounds in six games as a reserve.

Hinrich, 36, played for the Bulls and Hawks last season, but hasn't played since last May during the playoff series against the Cavs. Heinrich has averaged 10.9 points a game and 4.8 assists in his 13-year career. His career three point percentage is 38 percent. Farmar has averaged 7.7 points, 2.9 assists and 1.9 rebounds in his career. He played two games for the Kings this season.