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Cavs limp into playoffs likely as 2 seed

After beating the Celtics last week to take a one game lead in the Eastern Conference playoff race, the Cavs have lost three-straight and appear to be content with the number two seed

CLEVELAND--Barring an unforeseen event, the Cavaliers will begin the playoffs this weekend as the No. 2 seed in the Eastern Conference.

After taking a one game lead over the Boston Celtics after a decisive win on April 5, the Cavs have dropped their last three games and have slipped one full game behind Boston. The regular season finale is Wednesday night and the Cavs are hosting the Toronto Raptors, while the Celtics are hosting the Milwaukee Bucks. The Cavs have lost their last two games in overtime to Atlanta and Miami, including blowing a 26-point fourth quarter lead to the Hawks on Sunday.

The Cavaliers (50-31) could still end up with the top seed but it would take a win over the Raptors and a loss by the Celtics, as the Cavs have the tie-breaker should Boston and Cleveland end up the regular season tied. Toronto (49-32) could tie the Cavs record with a win on Wednesday, but the Cavs have the tie-breaker and would retain the two seed. Toronto is locked in as the three seed, while the Washington Wizards are locked in as the four seed. 

LeBron James has been reported to sit the game out against Toronto according to Cleveland. com, while ESPN reported that the Bucks are planning on resting their top players. Cleveland is 0-10 over the past two seasons when James sits out. The Bucks are locked as the sixth seed. 

Their opponent should they be the one or two seed could either be the Indiana Pacers, Chicago Bulls or Miami Heat. With one game to play those three teams are just one game apart. Currently, the Pacers are the No. 7 seed and finish the season with the Hawks. The Bulls and Heat have the same record going into the final game. 

Tip Ins

Who will Cavs Add?: ESPN reported that the Cavs will sign Dahntay Jones on the final day of the regular season to be eligible for the playoffs. Jones, 36, was part of the Cavs title run last summer, but has not played this year in the regular season. A roster spot was open last week when the Cavs waived DeAndre Liggins. Meanwhile, The Vertical and ESPN reported the Cavs would sign 7-3 center Edy Tavares to a multi-year deal and waive Larry Sanders. Liggins was signed by the Dallas Mavericks.