Celtics Still Pursuing Kevin Love

Kevin Love opted out of his contract, which was expected, and plans to test the market, which is unexpected. Cleveland can still offer the best contract monetarily, but Love wasn't the best fit and it was obvious. Can Danny Ainge sell him on being the Celtics number one option and the man they want to build around?

For those who thought the Kevin Love to Boston rumors were going to die, well, I have some bad news- the rumors are back. According to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports, the Celtics are looking to sign Love while also adding center Robin Lopez and bringing back Paul Pierce, a move that would make the rabid Celtic fan base ecstatic. Boston could either work out a sign and trade for Lopez and use one of their high-salary trade exemptions or just sign him outright. It would make more sense to use the trade exemption on him to keep as much cap space as possible.

Bringing Paul Pierce back would be a surprise because he has other suitors, and one that is a great fit in the Clippers. Pierce waited to sign with Washington until late in the summer last year, and I'm sure he'll wait to see how things play out with the Celtics before making a decision on where he'll play the 2015-16 season. Lopez may be a surprise to fans because his brother Brook gets all the attention, but Robin has carved out a role as an effective starting center in the NBA and he'll be the rim protector the Celtics desperately need.

Many teams try to build these "Big Three's" and win right away, but typically it is done wrong. The Heat were very good, but the All Star trio of Bosh, Wade, and James didn't mesh well because all three were used to scoring. Once Bosh gave in, they took off, but Miami was never as good as they expected, even during their two title wins. A big three should have talents that complement each other, and that is what Ainge is trying to do.

Expect Danny Ainge to discuss this because Love knows all too well that being part of Cleveland's All-Star trio was not what he expected. Is Love willing to be a third option for a second year in a row, especially with a team that doesn't know how to use him? That is the main question, and Danny Ainge plans on finding out the answer.

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