C's Lose To Spurs At Buzzer In Quarterfinals

Terry Rozier thought he hit a shot to bring the game into overtime, but Jonathan Simmons had other plans as he hit a shot at the buzzer to help San Antonio advance to the Semifinals.

The Celtics goal was to play the best they could this summer, and although they did lose a tough quarterfinal game to the Spurs, they absolutely accomplished their mission. Terry Rozier, R.J. Hunter, Jordan Mickey, Marcus Thornton, and Jonathan Holmes all showed that not only can they handle the competition in the NBA, they all appear to be players that can make the rotation of a winning team. Boston finishes 4-1 in Las Vegas, winning consistently and overcoming adversity in each game to either win or make it as close as possible. Finding three players that all appear to be contributors in one draft is impressive and the Celtics scouting staff should be commended. Holmes could find himself either on the roster or in Maine playing for the Red Claws (Thornton is reportedly headed to Australia). It would be smart for Boston to get Holmes signed sooner than later; it was a stroke of luck landing Mickey, and if they find another steal with Holmes, it's only going to accelerate the rebuild.

Thornton is already under Boston's control because they drafted him and Danny Ainge did mention that they planned to send him overseas for at least one season. James Young had his best outing of the summer, finally showing the team that he can take the second year leap if he remains focused. Young finished the night with 16 points, nine rebounds, three assists, one steal and ZERO turnovers; nights like that on a consistent basis will earn Young a spot in the rotation, but the key word is consistency. Boston wants to see their young players succeed for two reasons- it helps the win-loss record and also makes the player a valid trade chip. something Ainge is trying to develop to land the next big star.

The Celtics are done with games for the summer, but there will be roster moves being made over the next month and the roster we currently see now will not look the same come training camp. Three players that will definitely be on the roster are Rozier, Hunter, and Mickey, three players that appear to all be solid-good NBA players. They can't be traded for 90 days, so if a deal does come along and the Celtics choose to include one of the three rookies, they'll most likely do that at the trade deadline. Summer League may be over, but the summer roster moves are still happening.

Summer Awards

MVP- Jordan Mickey, PF

Possession Protector Award- Terry Rozier, PG

Best Offensive Creator- R.J. Hunter, SF

Defensive MVP- Jordan Mickey, PF

Most Underrated Player- Jonathan Holmes, PF

Statistics Provided by NBA.com/SummerLeague.com

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