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Celtics Trade Rumors: Carmelo Anthony

With the Celtics sitting at 10-8 and currently featuring an overloaded roster with a ton of upcoming draft picks, it is time for the Celtics to make a huge trade to take this team to the next level. They need a small forward that can score and rebound, and one player who fits that description is New York Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony.

The Celtics entered the 2015-16 season with a roster that was very heavy at guard and power forward, which is OK for a team that is trying to collect as much talent as possible as they continue their rebuilding process. The big first step back to relevency occured last season when Boston finished 24-12 over their final 36 games and locked up the 7th seed in the Eastern Conference. Granted, they got smoked in four games by the Eastern Conference Champion Cavs, but they grew so much in the second half of the year that the playoff dismantling wasn't painful to fans. Progress was being made and it was clear that Danny Ainge and Brad Stevens have the Celtics on the right track. In order to take the next step- competing for the conference and ultimately the championship, Boston needs to land a franchise player, specifically a small forward who can score in bunches, rebound, and play defense.

Could that player be Carmelo Anthony?

Here is what Zach Lowe of ESPN had to say regarding Anthony hypothetically going to Boston:

"A popular nominee among rival executives, since the Celtics could acquire Anthony, their alleged missing go-to guy, without hurting their current team. Even James Dolan would have to think about a package of David Lee, Brooklyn's unprotected 2016 first-round pick, and salary filler. That pick could become Ben Simmons! Rebuilding around Porzingis, and without Anthony, would bring some short-term pain, but that pick is exactly the sort of asset that is worth some pain. The pick probably won't become Ben Simmons, of course. Brooklyn is bad, but it's hard to imagine them finishing behind Philly or the Lakers. Even in the losingest scenario, they'll enter the lottery in third position -- with only a 15.6 percent chance at landing the top pick. There is no evidence these teams have ever discussed a Melo deal, per league sources. Boston likely wants a better gauge on where Brooklyn's pick might end up, and Melo doesn't fit their developmental timeline -- or Brad Stevens' pass-happy style of play."

The "Melo to Boston" rumors are nothing new and it's an intriguing idea because he really does fit their biggest need and he'd be a big help on the boards too, but would Ainge pull the trigger this early in the season? If Brooklyn continues to play decent, it might make sense to trade that pick now and acquire the best player they can with the pick and a combination of players. The Nets are NOT going to finish lower in the standings than the Lakers or Sixers, so the chances at landing the top pick are minimal, but it should still be a top five pick, which is very attractive still when a team is trying to make a move for an established star.

Anthony, who is in his 13th season and is 31 years old, played his college ball at Syracuse and was a one-and-done; his one year turned out to be very special as the Orangeman won the National Championship. Many question Anthony's heart and wonder if he truly cares about winning, but if he was in the right situation with the type of talent needed around him to win, he'd be fully engaged and would provide great scoring, rebounding, and defense. Anthony's scoring average is down four points from his career mark and he hasn't shot the ball well in '15, but he also has been battling nagging injuries. If the Celtics are serious about Anthony and he is fully engaged in what the Celtics want to do, it is worth the gamble to obtain a talent that could put them in position to compete for a title.

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