Avery Bradley May Have Played His Last Game In Green

With the Celtics going into trade-mode this summer, there's a very good chance that potential trade partners will target Avery Bradley as one of the returns.

Celtics fans aren't going to want to hear this, but Saturday night may have been Avery Bradley's last game in a Celtics uniform. Boston can afford to move Bradley because they drafted another perimeter stud defender in Marcus Smart. No team is going to make a trade with Boston simply for draft picks; they're going to want a player(s) and pick(s), and with Bradley being to best overall player on the roster with a skill that will help a playoff team with a championship, he'll be the hottest commodity on the roster. Bradley, Amir Johnson, and Jonas Jerebko along with multiple draft picks being traded for an established star (hopefully a big man) is pretty much a guarantee to happen this summer. 

Sorry to the many Avery Bradley fans (I love his game too), it is what it is when it comes to trades- you typically have to give up something good to get what you want.

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