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Celtics Earn Third Pick In NBA Lottery

Tonight was a good night for the Celtics and their fans, regardless of not getting the one or two pick. They didn't fall, and the three pick is going to be either a good young player drafted or a good, young established star Boston trades for.

When the NBA Draft Lottery reached the fifth pick and the Celtics logo wasn't being pulled out of the big envelope, many breathed a sigh of relief, but fully expected to hear Boston called at four. The fourth pick gets revealed...Phoenix Suns. For some, those that have been around this team for a long time, it was time to celebrate, and the reason is because for the first time since 2001, they didn't drop below where they were originally slotted. The Nets had the third-worst record, and Celtics get the third pick; that is exactly how it SHOULD be. If there is one thing we are at Parquet Pundit we don't agree with, it's the ridiculous lottery that has been proven not to work, but that is a story for another day. 

The main takeaway from last night- Boston got a top three pick, a pick they need to find an All-Star either through the draft or trade. That's a huge win.

There were rumors floating around last night that the Sixers had landed the No. 1 and No. 4 pick and the Lakers were the odd team out, but those rumors (started by a Dikembe Mutumbo tweet) turned out to be false. Instead, what we ended up seeing was as rare as it gets in the lottery- not one team moved and every team is selecting from the position they were slotted. Philadelphia ended up with the top pick anyways, but that franchise NEEDS that pick more than any other, so the basketball gods did the right thing and rewarded the struggling franchise. The Lakers ended up in the two slot, but there are rumors that they are trying to do the same thing as Boston- trade for an established star.

When we take stock of last night and realize how great it is to have the third pick in the draft when you already have 50-win roster, the annoyance with not landing in the top two quickly goes away. Let's not forget that when Boston built their last champion, they dropped from second to FIFTH, and they were still able to use that pick in to land Ray Allen, the first domino to fall in the best summer in Celtics history. Now they stay right where they were at three, a pick that will entice teams like the Chicago Bulls (Jimmy Butler), Houston Rockets (James Harden), Sacramento Kings (DeMarcus Cousins), Indiana Pacers (Paul George) or the Philadelphia 76ers (Jahlil Okafor). There will be other names that come up, but these five aforementioned candidates have the best odds to end up in Boston next season. 

Celtics fans, you should be very happy today because the Celtics didn't drop from the terrific slot they were in at three, and now they have the assets to go out and land an All-Star that should also help them entice two top free agents to sign. We were waiting for this all year, and now we know what it is- an extremely valuable asset that should land Boston an All-Star to join their excellent group of tough, young, and talented players. 

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