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Trade Speculation Is Getting Old

For the last month trade rumors have run rampant through Twitter, Facebook, and any other social media or news outlet on the internet. It reached the point of ridiculous a month ago, and now people are just making stuff up.

We are now officially one week away from the NBA Draft, and by the looks of the last two months, trade speculation in regards to the Boston Celtics just keeps on growing. It is understandable that Celtics fans and media are fired up for this offseason, and with the roster and coaching staff they've already assembled being very strong, there is reason to be excited, but let's slow down the bus a little here.

Some of the trades that have been discussed simply will never happen, like trading the 16th and 23rd pick for Jimmy Butler, or anyone for Paul George, or those other fans who say "we don't want that guy" even though said player is better than anyone on the roster; i.e. Kevin Love. People are officially losing their minds about what moves the Celtics are going to make, and some are starting to act irrational.

Celtics fans- RELAX! Things are going to start coming to fruition in a week, and 99.8% of the offseason moves fans have come up with not only won't work because of the cap, they are also ridiculous ideas like Golden State trading Draymond Green (read that online, said it was a real rumor. No it isn't.) Teams aren't just going to give up their best players because a trade may work in a video game. This is real life, and teams don't make trades unless it benefits both of them.

Yes, sometimes teams win the trade and sometimes teams lose, but more than often than not a huge trade provides benefits for both teams, and Ainge isn't going to be able to move the 16 and 23 pick for a star. It's only getting done with the third pick, and they'll end up having to trade Bradley in the process. THAT's reality, and that is what Celtics fans need to prepare for or they're going to be very disappointed next week. 

Could Boston make a trade? Yes, it's very likely, but if they do, they are going to have to give up some good assets, but it'll be worth it when they end up with an All-Star player. There is no need to be angry if they give up the third pick and possibly more first rounders depending on the player they are trying to acquire because it is going to push them from a 48-win team to a 55-60 win team that will compete with the Cavaliers for the East.

This is where Danny Ainge and Brad Stevens are at right now- they have the third pick, a ton of cap space, and a warchest of draftpicks. They are smart, they know how to build this team, and whatever player(s) they draft and acquire will be guys that fit Brad Stevens's system. So again, everyone please relax, trust the process, and stop throwing out ridiculous trade ideas that will NEVER happen.


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