Looming Large: Jason Kidd

There have been very few players in the history of the NBA who can be considered legitimate playmakers and game changers without scoring. In today's game, there is only one player that scores around 10 points per game and has a complete impact every time he's on the court, and it's the Nets Jason Kidd.

Kidd is the ultimate point guard, and is the best all around distributor of the ball since Magic Johnson. Kidd instantly makes any team better, and does much more than pass. Kidd is one of the best rebounders in the league at the guard position, and he can score when he needs to. Although Kidd is trying to be the first player since the great Oscar Robertson to average a triple-double for a season, his value can't be measured by pure statistics. Every player on the court benefits from having Jason Kidd play with him, and there's just a handful of current players in which that applies- Steve Nash, LeBron James, and possibly Kevin Garnett.

The Magic will have their hands full on Wednesday night when the Nets come to town, largely in part to the matchup of Kidd against any of the Orlando point guards. Kidd is strong enough to post up Orlando's Carlos Arroyo, and quick enough to dribble past him and find an open player. The only thing lacking from Kidd's game is a consistent outside shot, and Orlando must hope that his three isn't falling on Wednesday, or else the Nets may sweep the season series in Orlando.

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