Flying Under the Radar: Sean Williams

When the New Jersey Nets come to an NBA city, the stars of their team that immediately come to mind are Jason Kidd, Richard Jefferson, and Vince Carter. Each of the three have been Olympians, and they've earned multiple all-star berths, and hundreds of millions of dollars in salary. One player that gives the Nets a major spark is rookie power forward, Sean Williams.

Sean Williams is a 6'10", 235 lb. rookie from Boston College, and the Nets stole him with the 17th pick overall in last June's draft. Williams is the epitome of an effort player as he can jump, block shots, goes for every rebound, and has some low post skills. As Williams is getting adjusted to the NBA game, the Nets have brought him along slowly, as he plays just 21 minutes per game. In those 21 minutes, Williams scores 7.3 points per game, grabs 5.5 rebounds, and blocks two shots. In a team whose shots are dominated by three players, two in particular, Williams doesn't get very many plays run for him, which makes his stats look even more productive.

The Magic frontcourt tends to struggle against energy type of players, and Williams is certainly an energy guy. Orlando must make a concerted effort to keep Williams off the glass both offensively and defensively, or Williams will account for easy baskets for the Nets, who normally have trouble scoring.

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