Bring Back Zaza?

This is a possible trade where the Magic could at least add some young depth to their front line just in case they see Detroit in the playoffs again.

Orlando's lack of depth in the frontcourt has led to defeats by the Detroit Pistons 10 out of the last 11 times the two teams have squared off. The physical Pistons teams over that time have pounded Orlando on the glass, and when the Magic are forced to send Dwight Howard to the bench, Orlando really doesn't have anyone talented enough on the current roster to compete with Detroit's active big men.

Trade Option - Pat Garrity to Atlanta for Zaza Pachulia.

Player breakdown:
    Pat Garrity is at the twilight of his career and is nothing more than a salary dump at this point. Pat can shoot from the outside and shoot well from the free throw line, but he's a complete defensive liability. Garrity earns better than $3.8 million.

    Zaza Pachulia is one of many young, talented players on the Hawks roster who has fell out of the starting lineup and out of their rotation for the most part. Pachulia, the former Magician, has good moves in the post, good size (6'11", 280 lbs.), and can score when given the opportunity. Pachulia is not a great athlete but he's a solid free throw shooter (nearly 75% for his career).

Why would the Magic make this move?
They get a big man who can crash the boards on both sides of the ball and can also play a little defense. Pachulia could be a nice compliment to Dwight Howard, and he's a certain upgrade over Adonal Foyle.

Why would the Hawks make this move?
The Hawks, who don't even play Pachulia more than 15 minutes a game, won't miss him and would get a little cap relief so they can re-sign Josh Smith and still have some room to add another player. On top of that, Zaza has had run-ins with head coach Mike Woodson as recently as a couple of weeks ago and it's likely that Woodson would be so excited about getting Zaza out of town that he'd help him pack.

Why wouldn't the Magic make this move?
Pachulia has a four-million dollar contract per season for the next two years, and that may be a little more than he's worth at this point.

Why wouldn't the Hawks make this move?
They lose a talented big man in return for just cap relief.

Will it happen:
Pachulia's name hasn't come up too often in trade rumors, especially for the Magic, but considering his lack of minutes, this trade makes a lot of sense for both squads. Dealing inside the division is usually frowned upon for general managers, but with the distraction that Zaza has caused, it just may come to fruition.

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