Let's Get Mikey

As Orlando wishes to keep the core of it's team intact with players such as Dwight Howard, Rashard Lewis, and Hedo Turkoglu, the only thing the team really has of value in terms of trading option are their expiring contracts. We've explored another possibility involving Orlando's expiring deals to upgrade the shooting guard position. Here is a possible upgrade.

Forwards Maurice Evans and Pat Garrity, with guard Carlos Arroyo to Memphis for guard Mike Miller

Player breakdown:
Maurice Evans is a solid defender with good size (6'5 , 220 lbs.) at the two guard position. Evans takes the ball strong to the basket and can shoot the three a little (37.9%). Evans lacks an in-between game. Evans earns a base salary of $1.47 million.

Pat Garrity is at the twilight of his career and is nothing more than a salary dump at this point. Pat can shoot from the outside and shoot well from the free throw line, but he's a complete defensive liability. Garrity earns better than $3.8 million.

Carlos Arroyo has played better this year than last, but he's not a starting caliber point guard in the NBA. Arroyo's shooting is inconsistent, his defense is nonexistent, and he makes crunch time mistakes all too often. Arroyo can play well in spots, but he can't be counted upon over the long term. Arroyo earns a salary of $4 million.

Mike Miller is another former Magician who is an all around offensive threat. Miller can shoot from the outside (43.1% from behind the 3-point line), rebound from his guard position (nearly 7 rebounds per game), and at 6'8", 218 lbs., is big enough to defend some of the larger shooting guards, although he's certainly not known as any kind of defensive stopper. Miller earns a base salary of better than $8.3 million.

Why would the Magic make this move?
Orlando considerably upgrades the shooting guard position without losing much talent in return.

Why would the Grizzlies make this move?
They appear to be trying to move contracts, and they get Miller's out of the way here. Moving Miller would also allow them to play Juan Carlos Navarro more minutes. Why wouldn't the Magic make this move? Miller is a good player and would make Orlando an even better offensive team, but he is very similar to Turkoglu. Orlando doesn't have trouble scoring most nights, their issues are on the defensive end.

Why wouldn't the Grizzlies make this move?
Is Miller in their future plans? If so, they are getting 25 cents on the dollar and this deal won't happen.

Will it happen:
Given Miller's big contract and the fact he doesn't fill a huge need, Orlando might be somewhat reluctant to take him on, but they Magic would likely be a better team with him on the roster.