Is He Crazy or Are We?

With Orlando sitting with the third best record in the East, and there being a pretty wide margin between them and Eastern Conference frontrunners Boston and Detroit, if the Magic are going to compete for a trip to the NBA Finals, some kind of personnel move is necessary. Read here to find out what Magic Illustrated has proposed...

Orlando sends guard Carlos Arroyo and forward Pat Garrity to Sacramento for small forward Ron Artest.

Player breakdown:
Carlos Arroyo has played better this year than last, but he's not a starting caliber point guard in the NBA. Arroyo's shooting is inconsistent, his defense is nonexistent, and he makes crunch time mistakes all too often. Arroyo can play well in spots, but he can't be counted upon over the long term. Arroyo earns a salary of $4 million.

Pat Garrity is at the twilight of his career and is nothing more than a salary dump at this point. Pat can shoot from the outside and shoot well from the free throw line, but he's a complete defensive liability. Garrity earns better than $3.8 million.

Ron Artest is one of the best defenders in the league, and one of the most talented all-around players. Artest's contract is a bargain for a player of his caliber ($7.4 million), and he is a solid rebounder and unselfish player on the court.

Why would the Magic make this move? They virtually give up nothing and get a legitimately great player.

Why would the Kings make this move? The team removes itself from the headache which is Artest, and they get a couple of expiring contracts.

Why wouldn't the Magic make this move? Artest is a lunatic. When everything is good, he's an ultra valuable player, but when things aren't good, he's a nightmare to have on a team.

Why wouldn't the Kings make this move? They would be trading off a very good player for peanuts.

Will it happen? It's more than possible. The NBA trade deadline is Thursday and the Kings really want to move Artest. The Magic need to shake things up and they wouldn't see a much better deal in terms of talent than this one.

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