Looming Large: Chris Bosh

Toronto power forward Chris Bosh had a slow start to his 2007 campaign, largely due to a sprained left knee that caused him to miss five games earlier in the season, and the same injury also hindered his performance until late December.

The All-Star forward seems to be feeling better as he has averaged 25 ppg. since January, and just in case he wasn't up to par, the remedy will be waiting for him on Wednesday night as his Raptors will host the Orlando Magic. BR>
Early in the season, Bosh dropped 26 points on Orlando and grabbed 11 rebounds, a down night for him when facing the Magic. Dwight Howard and the Magic haven't had an answer for Bosh in a while, as he averaged 34 points against the Magic in three games last season, including a then career-high 41 points.

The 23 year-old forward was taken fourth overall in the 2003 Draft and he hasn't disappointed. Bosh is currently averaging 22 ppg. this season, and if he stays on that pace, it will be the third year in a row that he accomplished that feat. What makes the 6'10' forward so difficult to defend is that he can score in a variety of ways. Bosh can face up to the basket or back players down, and he has a multitude of moves inside and outside of the paint. When on the low block, he uses his agility to render defenders useless, as he blows by the opposition with a quick spin move, or he can also make defenders pay for playing away from him by knocking down a baby-hook with regularity. Bosh can also play away from the basket, making him all the more dangerous. He consistently knocks down 18-footers, and he can also take big men off the dribble and drive the lane.

Bosh has also developed into one the game's better rebounders, averaging 9 per game on the season. A lot of his damage on the glass comes from offensive boards, as he ranks near the top of the league in offensive rebounds per game at 2.8 per.

While Bosh has developed into a stellar player in the NBA, one of his biggest faults is his weight, which in turn has prevented him from becoming a solid defender. At 230 lbs, Bosh has a very thin frame and he can be posted up and overpowered with relative ease. Bosh also hasn't shown much interest on defense, which shows in his statistics, as someone with his height and overwhelming athleticism should average more than a block per game.

Although Bosh has displayed subpar defense in his career, it still doesn't change the fact that he is the franchise player for the Raptors and they will go only as far as he takes them. At 28-23, Toronto is on the heels of the 4th place Cleveland Cavilers (a half game behind) and is also gaining ground on the Magic (3.5 games behind). With Bosh playing phenomenal basketball, the Magic will certainly have their hands full trying to stop the Raptors star, who has established himself as a "Magic Killer" throughout his career. Orlando will try to slow Bosh down by throwing an array of big men at him, including Howard, Rashard Lewis and Adonal Foyle. If one of those players can be physical with Bosh and keep him from dominating, the Magic should be successful, but if not, Bosh will likely have another monster game against Orlando.