Magic at Atlanta: Nothing Worked

The Magic followed up an otherwise solid week of basketball with a disappointing 98-90 loss at Atlanta Saturday night.

What went wrong:

1. Offense- The Magic couldn't make open shots and looked like a tired team. Orlando hit on just 35 of 85 shots from the field for 41.2%.

2. Free throw shooting- Orlando was not good from the charity stripe, as they connected on just 10 of 18 free throws for 55.6%. Dwight Howard missed 6 of his 11 attempts.

3. Defense wasn't stellar- The Hawks hit on 36 of 76 shots from the field for 47.4%. The Magic couldn't stop Atlanta guard Joe Johnson, as he connected on 12 of his 20 attempts, and scored 34 points.

4. Rebounding- Orlando was dominated on the boards, as the Hawks grabbed 44 rebounds to the Magic's 36.

5. Backcourt- The Orlando backcourt was severely outplayed by the Hawks starters as Mike Bibby and Joe Johnson outscored Jameer Nelson and Maurice Evans 54-30.

6. Low energy level- The Magic began the game with virtually no intensity and found themselves trailing by 10 points at the end of the first quarter. Although the team was able to come back and take a narrow one point lead at the half, they ran out of gas in the fourth quarter as Atlanta outscored the Magic, 35-23.