Mavs Uniform Scoop

I've seen hints of the Mavs' new trio of uniforms. They're real. And they're spectacular.

Want the three-step breakdown?

Our 75-Member Staff spies have been all over this story all summer and now we've got it nailed down. We are told Dallas will use three uniform sets this season.

  1. The home whites will remain essentially the same (with the only major change being the new lighter-weight, quicker-drying adidas material).
  2. The "alternate'' uniforms will be similar in style to last year's dark-blue regular road uniforms – except that the lettering will change to what we might call the "P-Diddy font'' … the rounded lettering as seen to the right. (So put that round font on the dark blues. Got it?)
  3. 3. And the new regular roadies? That electric blue from last year, a fan favorite when used for "special occasions,'' is now the full-time road uniform, the big change being that the lettering will go from "P-Diddy'' to what is called "TS Cavalier'' lettering … which (ahem) is what we now use in the banner!

Adidas is also prepared to announce that this new material will help the fellas run faster and jump higher. I cannot testify to that; I've only seen ‘em, I haven't worn ‘em.

But thumbs-up on the full-time Electric Blues, right?

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