Mavs, FOX Hire Mike Fisher For TV Coverage

In a move that means, among other things, that I'll have to shave more often, FOX Sports Southwest and the Dallas Mavericks are adding me to the on-air team that brings you Mavs games on TV.

It's a flattering thing for all of us at, with me doing some studio hosting for road games and pregame appearances at home games, all starting Wednesday in the moments leading up to the Bobcats-at-Mavs season opener at the AAC.

We'll carry 64 of the Mavs games on FOX Sports Southwest, where I'll have the honor of trying to keep up with the likes of on-air talents such as Mark Followill, Bob Ortegel, Emily Jones, Skin, Dana Larson, Ro Blackman and more … and of course the terrific behind-the-scenes production crew that I hope can manufacture a camera that subtracts 15 pounds.

I hope you'll be watching, I think I'll be nervous and I know I'll do my best to represent our community of fans while covering the Mavs on FOX Sports Southwest … Thanks, everybody, for your support!

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