Sunday Morning Donuts: Rick & Kidd's Dinner

Sunday Morning Mavs Donuts: My head is still spinning from having learned that Jason Kidd's dining companion the other night at the Uptown hangout Ocean Prime was none other than … Rick Carlisle! So we get details from Kidd, express some healthy fear of Blake Griffin, shave twice because I'm doing both ESPN Radio and FS Southwest today, and let D-Lord take a stab at the ‘Melodrama:

DONUT 1 "Why does that surprise you?'' Kidd said to me when I asked him about his dinner with Rick. "We're friends. And we had some mutual friends in that night, so we all decided to get together.''

And what was discussed? Business? Pleasure?

"Oh, it was pretty much all basketball, like always,'' Kidd said. "The thing with Rick, he's been in this business forever, his whole life. There is a wealth of knowledge there. So I listen. And I think he listens to me, too. You know, we're all together, a team, pretty much every day for eight or 12 hours a day. You get close that way.

"Ultimately, the (bond) I have with Rick is that he wants us to win a championship. Just like I do. So that's what we end up talking about.''

And then, trying to make conversation, I asked Kidd what Rick had for dinner. (I'm not sure why I asked that.)

"I don't remember,'' Kidd said. "But you know what I had, right?''

Right, I said. The sea bass.


Folks, I gotta get out more. I have Jason Kidd's favorite meal memorized. I'm sick.

DONUT 2 Here's my media schedule today, for those who care (Hi, Mom!):

*At 1:05, I'll be part of the pregame show on the Mavs' flagship radio network on 103.3 ESPN Radio.

*At 2 p.m., I'll join Ro Blackman and the FOX Sports Southwest gang in the studio to bring you "Mavs Live,'' the pregame show leading up to Bob and Mark and the Mavs-at-Clippers 2:30 p.m. tipoff.

*We'll also have halftime stuff on FOX Sports Southwest and I'll be part of the postgame show as well.

*When it's all over, the staff will have the game covered from every angle. … and we thank you for your support!

DONUT 3: Speaking of the FOX thing The commies are not taking over Simply, we are expanding and partnering with FOX Sports to allow us more muscle in every way.

This is a growing-pain issue for all of us, and it's a pardon-our-dust thing, too. I know that is especially true as you scramble to find the front-page coverage, the Boards on FOX, and the rest.

I explain a bunch of it here … but again, I appreciate your understanding as I try to figure out how all these buttons work.

It's still me. I'm still the owner of The front-page look will be altered … but when everything is ironed out – shortly, I hope – the functionality of the site will be greatly improved, and most importantly, your coverage of and access to your Dallas Mavericks will be greater than ever, too.

Again, thanks for your patience.

DONUT 4 Why not ‘Melo to Dallas?

I'm taking a break from pushing the concept; I've covered it fairly thoroughly from every angle I can think of. But as news of Carmelo Anthony's unhappiness in Denver continues to ooze out, our David Lord is ready for another round of at-bats:

"I'd love to have Melo in Dallas. I think the Mavs have the right type of assets to be competitive in trade bidding and perhaps get him. I know all about the speculation/assumptions that ‘Melo only wants NY … which has now expanded to NJ … and then to CHI - but is that a certainty? Or are people making assumptions?

And are even people inside the Mavs organization making those assumptions?

Anthony is talking about his motivation for possibly leaving Denver, which is that he doesn't want to get stuck on a bad team . So explain to me again Why does he want to go lose in NY or NJ?

To me, all the evidence adds up to the Mavs needing to make a strong play for Carmelo Anthony. No promises here; just effort.

Why not Dallas?

The Nuggets want a veteran who can come in and play Anthony's position at a reasonably strong level (Butler), they want young talent (Roddy? Ajinca? Mahinmi? Jones?), and they want a pick (the Mavs can offer TWO first-rounders).

Those pieces are there.

A deal like that also reduces the Denver tax by several million. And it puts ‘Melo on a team that would have a real shot at winning titles.

I know Fish has been told that the Nuggets don't want to swap ‘Melo to a West rival like the Mavs. I assume Fish has been told that by the Mavs themselves.

But the Mavs should fight through that. Fight to make an offer. Fight to get a major, major upgrade.

Why not Dallas?''

DONUT 5 Tony Parker re-ups with the Spurs. Not really a surprise to anybody, except for maybe the Knicks, who continue to harbor this illusion that everybody wants to sign with them.

DONUT 6 Here's why I'm still pissed that Dallas blew a chance to start this season 3-0:

In Game 1, the Mavs were handed a Bobcats team that hadn't EVER won against Dallas.

In Game 2, the Mavs were handed a Grizzlies team that hadn't won in Dallas in NINE straight tries.

In Game 3, the Mavs are handed a Clippers team that has lost SIX straight to Dallas and is 3-15 against the Mavs over the last five years.

The schedule-maker cannot possibly hand a team a better chance at starting 3-0. But that team has to embrace the break its been given. We'll see today if 2-1 feels satisfactory enough.

DONUT 7 It's probably not fair … and probably more of a coincidental thing. But after Friday's basketball disaster – a 91-90 home loss to Memphis in which Dallas committed 20 turnovers, lowlighted by nine in the fourth quarter and by a pair of sloppy ones in the final few ticks – Carlisle and others noted that protecting the ball was a point of emphasis in Thursday's practice.

So let's get this straight On Thursday, coaches stress what in football they call "ball security.''

And in the Mavs players' very next opportunity to demonstrate that they were paying attention, they throw the thing all over the gym?

DONUT 8 Here's the sort of evidence of depth the Triangle of Trust will use as evidence to celebrate The ESPN poll has three different Mavs as potential winners of the NBA's Sixth Man of the Year Award.

And I suppose we could add a fourth guy, Brendan Haywood, who suggested the other day that with Tyson Chandler now starting at center, Big Wood himself will be targeting the Sixth Man trophy.

DONUT 9 The Mavs get themselves some Blake Griffin this afternoon, and he's already establishing himself as a double-double machine. Griffin is an unusual rookie, of course, having been drafted with the top pick last season but missing the whole year due to injury.

He's apparently healthy now.

Griffin recorded 20 points and 14 rebounds in his debut Wednesday, and as Steiny-Mo points out, that makes him just the fifth No. 1 overall pick since 1990 to post a double-double in his NBA debut, joining Dwight Howard (2004), Tim Duncan (1997), Shaquille O'Neal (1992) and Derrick Coleman (1990).

Big-time company. A big-time challenge for the Mavs today, even with the Clippers coming in at 0-2.

"He's a tremendous young player,'' EK quotes Carlisle as saying. "From what I've seen, he's got a dynamic athleticism and power game at the 4 that we haven't seen in a long time…. They've got a lot of other really good players, too. Kaman is an All-Star, Gordon is a Team USA guy and Baron Davis can beat you by himself. So there are a lot of challenges."

DONUT 10 The UberMan Nowitzki has 28 and 27, respectively, in the first two games. That's 55 points on 28 shots! Oh, and 22 makes. Cripes.

DONUT 11 One so-far vulnerability for the Clippers pairs up nicely for Dallas with one so-far Mavs strength LAC's shooting percentage is lousy, and Dallas' defense in that area has been strong. Baron, Kaman, Gomes, almost the whole bunch of ‘em, are shooting 30 percent or so.

Meanwhile, Dallas joins Orlando atop the NBA in FG percentage allowed, the Magic at 39 percent and the Mavs at 39.4.

DONUT 12 Far be it from me to gripe about FOX's corporate influence on stuff. … if you know what I mean … but how is it that when the Giants were in San Francisco, the seventh-inning stretch singer was Tony Bennett, but when the Rangers are in last night's Game 3 in Arlington, the featured singer is the semi-obscure Martha Plimpton?

What is Martha's connection to any of this – outside, of course, of prepping to star in new TV series coming to FOX?

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