QUOTEBOARD: Mavs 99, Clippers 83

Let's hear what's up. Mavs Quoteboard, as the fellas talk about the Sunday afternoon win at the Clippers!

For the Mavericks, the last few days have been about minds boggling. After Friday night's thoroughly uncharacteristic (we hope) loss, Coach was saying things like "logic-defying errors'' and "needing to coach harder.'' The rest of us were scratching our heads over greasy fingers and missed free throws. Sunday afternoon though, the boggling was more fun.

Not the victory, a 99-83 owning of the Los Angeles Clippers; it's nice but not a shock. Kidd's buzzer beater from somewhere across the street at halftime -- that's boggling. It gave the Mavericks back the lead after a harum-scarum second quarter, and the Mavs built it the rest of the way home.

So again ... Let's hear what's up. Mavs Quoteboard!

About the Mavericks' depth and what it means for the team in games . . .

"Well we're deep, you know, we got a lotta guys that we're gonna throw at you . . . and we feel that at the end of the day, or at the end of the game we're gonna be fresher and we're gonna be able to make plays." -Jason Kidd

Regarding Shawn Marion, his 12 points, and why he's a keystone on this team . . .

"I just provide energy on both ends of the floor. Sometimes, people put the emphasis on scoring all the time, and it's something I can definitely do, but I just came out with energy." -Shawn Marion

"He's become a real leader on this team. He keeps guys into it. He's been ready to come in and make things happen. He's embraced this role, which is not easy for a guy that's a four-time All-Star. And he's kept his head completely into it and that's something that rubs off on everybody." -Coach Rick Carlise

About that Maverick defense, which has held opponents under 40% for three games . . .

"We know to be a championship-level team we have to be better on the defensive end," Haywood explained. "Coming into training camp, Coach stressed defense and I think we're playing better team defense as a whole unit." -Brendan Haywood

And that -- estimates vary, about 65 feet -- halftime bucket?

"Jet told me to shoot it. And I'm not going for the three-point record percentage-wise, so I let it go and it was on line." -Jason Kidd

"I wouldn't overstate it, but it helps to hit a 50-footer." -Coach Rick Carlisle

"The shot at the end of the half gave us a little momentum. But we had to come out and play a lot better and we did." -Coach Rick Carlisle

"I just got lucky." -Jason Kidd

Regarding what's been done and what's next -- Wednesday night in Denver . . .

"I don't believe in making a statement against teams in November, because a lot changes from November to April. But we're building something and it starts game by game. So hopefully, the statement will be that the Mavericks win on Wednesday." -Brendan Haywood

About those missed free throws . . .

"I guess I better go see the free-throw coach." -Dirk Nowitzki 911p oct 31 2010

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