Tuesday Morning Donuts: Charity Nicknames

Tuesday Morning Mavs Donuts: The players and their charitable work leads to "Dirk's Dunkers'' and "Le Bande a Roddy B'' … Tyson Chandler on "stealing'' … The Mavs are in Mile High; is that physiological or psychological … Time to make the Donuts!

DONUT 1 Once again this year, Mavericks players and head coach Rick Carlisle, have committed to donating blocks of tickets to charitable organizations during the 2010-11 season through the Dallas Mavericks Community Ticket Block Program. The program, which started during the 1999-00 season, allows charitable organizations to experience the excitement of an NBA game when they might not otherwise have the opportunity.

"The Community Ticket Block Program is a great way to give back to all the wonderful organizations that support the Mavs year in and year out," said Mavericks owner Mark Cuban. "I'm thrilled at the continued generosity of our players and Rick and I hope the program continues for many seasons to come."

Here's the list of participants and group names for the 2010-11 Community Ticket Block Program … and there is some fun to be had between the lines: Player/Coach Group Name J.J. Barea J.J.'s Amigos Rodrigue Beaubois La Bande a Roddy B Caron Butler House of Caron Rick Carlisle Carlisle's Corner Tyson Chandler Ty's All-Stars Jason Kidd Kidd Haven Shawn Marion Trix's Kids Dirk Nowitzki Dirk's Dunkers Jason Terry Jet Terry's Runway

Worth noting: "House of Caron'' has style. "Dirk's Dunkers'' is alliterative, but otherwise, not a perfect fit. And you will notice that while so many people have tried to come up with so many nicknames for the man DB.com calls "Roddy B,'' when it's time for Roddy B to name his "Bande,'' he names it after "Roddy B.''

For more information about the Dallas Mavericks Community Ticket Block Program, visit mavs.com or call 214.747.MAVS.

DONUT 2 The Cowboys are not just 0-4 this season at Cowboys Stadium; they are just 6-6 overall in the new building. Any way they can just pick up and move back to Irving?

DONUT 3: Tyson Chandler spoke the other day of Dallas needing to "steal one back'' because of that one-point home loss to Memphis last Friday.

I'm not that good at math, but I'd like to submit that winning at LAC on Sunday doesn't yet count as having "stolen one back.''

Put me down for the Mavs needing to "steal'' a couple of road games in order to make up for that slopfest. … and here comes a Wednesday night at Denver …

DONUT 4 When did Halloween turn from a chance for kids to dress up in fantasy costumes to adult women dressing up like whores? Not complaining … just wondering.

DONUT 5 Game 4 of the World Series lost in the TV ratings to "Sunday Night Football'' featuring Steelers and Saints. The NFL's overnight rating was 11.8. The World Series' overnight rating was 10.4.

And – along with the most joyous Rangers season ever ending last night in a finger-snap -- That's The Way Baseball Go.

DONUT 6 I got some doubting feedback on Twitter after we posted our Kammrath-researched note about the Mavs' first-time-ever chance at being a top-notch FG-percentage-defender to start a season.

"Pretty small sample size, there, Fish,'' is pretty much how it came at me.

To which I reply: Exactly. The Mavs have put a lid on three teams so far and it might not last so let's celebrate while the celebratin' is good!

DONUT 7 Another day, another incredible deal at iDealGolfer: You bid, you save, you play. Just now, your invitation to play at Tangle Ridge for just $20 ... good for weekdays and weekends!

DONUT 8 You know what Buffalo Bills coach Marv Levy used to say about players who were considering retirement: "If you are considering retirement, you are retired,'' Marv would say.

That certainly works in the NFL, where you can't really do it halfway (unless, maybe, you are this year's Cowboys). I wonder if it applies to Carmelo Anthony in Denver, too.

‘Melo says he's got to soon make up his mind whether he wants to stay or go. Marv Levy would say that if you are considering going, you've already gone.

DONUT 9 Win a Date with Shawn Marion?!

DONUT 10 Ro Blackman and I noted this on FOX Sports Southwest the other day, but it's worth clip-and-saving here: The Mavs are prepping for a double-header of sorts with the Nuggets. Wednesday night it's in Denver, and then the Mavs don't play again until Saturday, at home, again against the Nuggets.

That's lot's of down time … lot's of practice time. … and it needs to be handled properly. So from what I understand, the Mavs remained in LA on Sunday night (and had their fun). But then comes travel to Denver, to get in a Tuesday practice and a Wednesday pregame shootaround, time aplenty to get the mind and the body acclimated to the much-discussed altitude of Mile High.

It that altitude a psychological thing or a physiological thing? Because the travel is being handled properly, we know what it's now not: An excuse.

DONUT 11 My Vikings apparently thought this thing with Randy Moss was like a blind date. You know, they had never seen him, didn't know anything about him, were not at all familiar with him. So you meet for coffee, you exchange small talk and then you decide to delete here number from your phone.

DONUT 12 You know things are rough for the Cowboys when the play of Jon Kitna is a singular highlight. … and when the Kitna debate point is on how many of his four interceptions were his fault.

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