Friday Morning Donuts: The Poet Rick Carlisle

Friday Morning Mavs Donuts: You know what happens when Shaq comes to town, right? … Forbes questions Cuban … I've got fashion issues. No, not mine. Theirs! … So, why isn't Dallas exercising the option on Alexis Ajinca? … A sad Chuck Cooperstein birthday tale … Rick Carlisle is a poet … Time to make the Donuts!

DONUT 1: So Shaquille O'Neal is already hobbling around and wobbling around and missing games. A bad knee means he might sit out next week's games, which include a showdown with Miami and, for us locals, a Monday night visit from the Celtics to the AAC.

But when I tell you to assume Shaq will probably make the trip, you should assume I know what I'm talking about.

Dallas is, according to Shaq's own private whispers, his fave NBA city. He's got people here, he's got property here and, as I mention on FS Southwest's "Mavs Insider'' (set to air tonight at 6:30, I believe) he's got partying to do here.

Indeed, as you'll see, when I mentioned that during the taping of the show, colleague Ro Parrish – an in-the-know cat -- lit up.

Because Shaq long-ago scheduled a party at the downtown nightclub AM/PM.

Shaq has a bad knee. But his other knee probably dances just fine.

DONUT 2: Forbes magazine poses 10 questions to Mark Cuban.

DONUT 3: Tyson Chandler, writing about the aforementioned owner:

"We have to have strong leadership and it's been great working with a dedicated owner like Mark Cuban. Cube, as we call him, is dope. He's a cool-cat. He obviously loves the game and he loves to be around it. We know that we have a passionate owner and that's always a good thing. His only motivation is to win championships.''

DONUT 4: One thing I will not miss about the absence of baseball: Those thick, clonky metal rope necklaces.

I guess they are an expensive and showy version of the little rubber wristbands with the copper threads like the one Marcia got me for golf? "Power and balance,'' it claims, though I'd like to think that getting tested on courses like The Old American and taking advantages of deals offered by has more to do with my improvement that a piece of $3 jewelry.

And I'd like to think the Rangers' AL Championship is due to something more than clonky metal rope necklaces.

DONUT 5: Another fashion gripe (and after this I'll stop, lest I start prancing into Mr. Blackwell territory):

Road opener for the Mavs. At Clippers. Here come Your Los Angeles Clippers in front of their LA crowd wearing … red?

Which meant Your Dallas Mavericks played a roadie wearing … white?


So Donald T. Sterling could sell some special-edition uni's? Nope. These were simply LAC's roadies, worn in the wrong location.

Because Donald T. Sterling hadn't paid the cleaning bill on the white uni's that are supposed to be worn by the home team? Maybe.

All I know is, this isn't hockey. White at home. Colors on the road.

Got it?

Life is confusing enough without such meaningless dogs-sleeping-with-cats confusion.

DONUT 6 I may be knee-jerking here, because I'm the one who keeps stressing that Roddy B's foot was – was back on the surgery date of Aug. 16 – projected to maybe take three months to heel. And not until Nov. 16 will it have been three months.

So I may be knee-jerking here but here goes: the projection also included the possibility of it only taking two months.

There is nothing else wrong with Beaubois, nothing being hidden, nothing unreported. But because he's on the verge of earning the tag "slow healer,'' I pretty much hope that after this, Roddy B never gets hurt again.

DONUT 7 So maybe Denver would've better survived Dirk if the Nuggets' Kenyon Martin was healthy, eh?

Guess again.

Thanks to the invaluable Mark Followill, who notes that when the Nuggets and Mavs faceoff on Saturday at the AAC, The UberMan will be attempted to continue a 10-game streak vs. Denver during which he's averaged 30.6 points and 11 rebounds.

Ten games of brilliance ... no matter what K-Mart or non-K-Mart's try to do to him.

DONUT 8 I'm not feeling too bad about the Rangers going down, the Cowboys being bad, my Vikings being chronically ridiculous – all happening right around my birthday.

How can I feel crummy while always being able to remember that when the Mavs were ousted from the 2006 NBA Finals, it happened on the very same day of the year that Mavs voice Chuck Cooperstein arrived on this earth?

No doubt, by the way, responded to the delivery doctor's gentle baby-butt slap not by letting out a life-affirming cry but rather by reciting the heights and weights of the 1964 New York Jets' offensive line.

DONUT 9 May I politely invite you to check out Boards (sign up! It's free!), to check us out and follow the Mavs and on Twitter and to Friend Fish on Facebook? Please and thank you!

DONUT 10 The Dallas Mavericks, Jason Terry and Caron Butler have partnered with Dave & Buster's, Telemundo and World Vision to host Jason Terry and Caron Butler's Coat and Blanket Drive, benefiting Metroplex homeless shelters.

Mavs fans will have the opportunity to contribute from November 4-through-30 at Metroplex Dave & Buster's and Telemundo locations. Anyone who donates a new or gently used coat or blanket will receive a $5 Dave & Buster's Power Card and a buy one, get one free ticket voucher to select Dallas Mavericks home games. Donations can also be dropped off at American Airlines Center on Saturday, November 6 when the Mavs host the Denver Nuggets.

Additionally, the Mavs are challenging local middle and high schools to host their own coat and blanket drive throughout the month of November. The school that collects the most articles will receive an appearance by Caron Butler!

Upon completion of the program, Terry will personally deliver the coats and blankets collected to a local homeless shelter.

DONUT 11 We now know officially that Dallas didn't pick up the option on Alexis Ajinca's contract … but I'll be damned if I know why that is.

Ajinca is making about $1.5 million this season. Pick up his option for next year and you are due to pay him $2.2 million more.

The 7-footer is unquestionably a prospect. The only logic I can see to it: The Mavs believe they are involved in such a comfort-zone thing with the kid – his agent and Roddy B and Ian Mahinmi and a couple of Mavs staffers are all buds – that there is no danger of losing him.

DONUT 12 Rick Carlisle is talking about turnovers. But he might as well be talking about life.

The key,'' Rick says, " is to maintain the right level of aggression and have the right level of discretion.''

That's poetry!

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