'Matrix At The Movies': A Marion Top 10

Mavs forward Shawn Marion has many loves. Among them: Movies … Twitter … and talking about movies on Twitter. We've compiled a top-10 (except Shawn can't watch just 10, so it's kinda 12) list … what Shawn Marion's been watching in the last month or so.

It's "Matrix at The Movies''!

1 (and 1b and 1c): Shawn starts his month-or-so at the movies on Sept. 27 by grouping on his Twitter account a few of his faves: "Tales From The Hood,'' "Under The Cherry Moon'' and "Scarface.''

As you may be aware, every single professional athlete in every single American sport in the last 25 years lists "Scarface'' as his favorite.

But Shawn's tastes are more diverse than that …

2 "Anaconda.'' On Oct. 6, Shawn reports that he's "watching the old ‘Anaconda' movie and J-Lo was so hott.''

3 "Old School.'' Another day, another flick. On Oct. 7, Marion says he went through "shootaround, checked on ‘Old School,' bout to eat.''

4 " Don't Be A Menace To South Central While Drinking Your Juice In The Hood.'' On Oct. 14, Marion is back at the movies. First he tweets, "Man, I love Bernie Mac's part in the movie.'' And then Shawn goes all Bernie Mac himself. He quotes from Mac's racist cop:

" I hate black pepper, I hate my gums cuz they black, I hate Whoopi Goldbergs lips, and hate the back of Forrest Whittaker neck … ugh.''

5 "Cool Runnings.'' On Oct 20: "Omg, ‘Cool Runnings' is on TV,'' Shawn writes. "lol.''

6 "Set It Off.'' "Watching ‘Set It Off,'' says Shawn on Oct. 23 of the bank-robber movie starting Jada Pinkett Smith, Queen Latifah and Vivica A. Fox. And then Shawn closes with his trademark quote:

"That's what's up.''

7 "Kick-Ass.'' On Oct. 31, Marion gets off the old stuff and gets caught up with a summer-of-2010 flick. "I'm watching ‘Kick-Ass' in my room, if y'all don't know.''

Of course, we didn't know what Shawn was watching. But by now, we do know he'd be watching something.

Marion's review of the kids-as-superheroes movie? "This little girl in the movie is off the chain!'' he says.

8 "Forrest Gump.'' On Oct. 31, it's back to the new classics. "Watching ‘Forrest Gump' in room ‘til it's time to hit the streets. LA is nuts during Halloween. If u don't know, better ask somebody.''

9 "Salt.'' On Nov. 2, Shawn catches up with Angelina Jolie. "Watching ‘Salt' for first time,'' he reports. "I see why everybody was raving about it.''

10 "Four Christmases.'' On Nov. 5, Shawn is quoting from the lousy 2008 Vince Vaughn movie.

"Watching ‘Four Christmases,' Marion tweets, and then he rattling off a movie line: "I didn't realize she was making a casserole with spam and mayonnaise.''

Adds Matrix at the Movies: "Vince is hilarious. ‘You used to be my best friend, we used to smell each other's hands.' Lmfao!''

"Lmfao'' we will take as Shawn Marion's version of a "thumbs-up.''

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