DB.com Exclusive: Kidd's Wedding Announcement

Jason Kidd has chosen an unorthodox outlet to announce his wedding plans. But we aim to please: DallasBasketball.com is proud to present to you the future Mr. and Mrs. Jason Frederick Kidd, scheduled to be wed on Sept. 10, 2011.

"We're doing it on 9/10/11,'' Kidd tells me. "We were going to do it on 11/11/11, but why wait?''

"Convenient-sounding dates,'' I say.

"Yeah, easy to remember,'' Kidd says, laughing.

The future Mrs. Kidd is Porschla Coleman, a renowned model and the mother of Jason's 8-month-old baby.

"They're here in Dallas,'' Jason says. "Everybody is healthy and happy.''

Porschla has given up modeling because "she's busy running our foundation (The Jason Kidd Foundation) and being a mom,'' Kidd says.

The newest Kidd is about to be exposed to the sports world in a big way. But the baby's already been introduced to football; the threesome recently traveled to Kidd's hometown in the Bay Area to watch the Oakland Raiders.

"I go to some Raiders games, and this time when we went we got my son a No. 2 jersey, not just because (that's Kidd's jersey number) but also because it was available thanks to JaMarcus Russell (leaving),'' jokes Kidd, referring to the failed Raiders QB who also wore No.2. "It was also cool going to the Raiders because they're not too good yet … so there were also plenty of tickets available, you know?''

There will also be seats available to Porschla and Jason's 9/10/11 wedding … so Save The Date!

I mean, I doubt you are going, or anything. But at right, we've created your gold engraved invite. So you've got that.

And since it's 9/10/11, it should be easy for you – and Kidd – to remember.

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