Nowitzki Finds Himself A Nice Swedish Girl

Hey, we all want only the best for Dirk Nowitzki, right? We want him to surround himself with people and things that make him happy. We want him to find love, especially with his sperm slowing down. And we want him to stay in Dallas. So we're happy to report: The UberMan is in love. With a nice Swedish girl. Who lives in Dallas.

This story first appeared on in June 2010

So what if … the Dallas Mavericks superstar is dating the sister of a pair of soccer standouts … and what if she works for musician George Michael and art collector Kenny Goss … and what if the young lady is Swedish … and what if she happens to live in Dallas?

Would that make everybody happy?

The international Mavs Cupids on Boards are chasing this down … with news and photos and commentary from Uptown Dallas to downtown Halmstad … and The 75-Member Staff is doing this all done in good taste, of course, and with Dirk's best interests at heart.

Did I mention that Jessica lives and works here in Dallas?

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