Donuts On Mavs-Sixers, Jet's Heart, Kobe's Ad

Donuts … The Sixers don't shoot well, don't score when they play in Dallas. The Mavs don't allow anybody to shoot well and when they host the Sixers, always win. Here's the formula … I spent some one-on-one time yesterday with Jason Terry, and he says, "No matter what, I'm a starter at heart!'' … Mavs injury updates … Video of Kobe's 'Call of Duty' TV ad … It's time to make the Donuts!

DONUT 1: "No matter what,'' Jason Terry tells me, "I'm a starter at heart.''

I spend Thursday afternoon doing some TV stuff with the Mavs Jason Terry and I can say that as upbeat as he is about what's going right with the Mavs, he shares your concerns about the imperfections.

"This is a big home stand coming up, and it's an opportunity we need to not waste,'' Jet tells me. "We've got to get that figured out. We've got something to prove.''

Translation: The imperfection -- maybe the lone one overall -- is how subpar Dallashas been so far at the AAC, with that 2-2 record. P.S.: The link to my exclusive visit with Jet while we get ready to take a ride in his family car is coming up …

DONUT 2: We're gonna do the video game thing this weekend. Want in on our MADDEN 11 Tournament atThe Back 9 on Nov. 13? It's hosted byGame Havens and sponsored by and … there is no charge to play but there are cool prizes, including game tickets … go to the Game Havens Facebook Page and check ‘em out!

And speaking of video games, here's the latest "cool'' "Call of Duty'' TV spot, starring … Kobe Bryant!

Kids love an accused rapist, you know. Enjoy. Or whatever.

DONUT 3: This year's Sixers don't score.

When visiting Dallas, they rarely do.

Meanwhile, the Mavs boast the No. 1 field-goal defense in the NBA.

And along with that, the Mavs don't let opponents score inside, with their 39.7 points per ranking second in the West.

Sounds like a winning formula for tonight, eh?

Philly is 0-5 in its last five visits to our fair city. The Sixers have been held to 88.6 points per game in those games, with four of the Dallas wins coming by double-figures.

So with the Mavs shooting 49.2 percent (second-best in the West) and letting opponents shoot only 41.7 percent … yes. A winning formula. On paper.

DONUT 4: Philly (2-6) rolls into town against Dallas (5-2) with some injury issues.

First there is Andre Iguodala, a darling of our Boards (seen as a Mavs trade solution by many fans). Iggy has a strained Achilles' tendon and it's uncertain how much he can contribute.

And now there is sixth man Lou Williams, the Sixers' second-leading scorer at 16.4 points per. He's got a separated shoulder injury and is day-to-day.

At this moment, the Mavs work on the assumption that Dirk Nowitzki (ankle) and Caron Butler (back spasms) will be ready to roll. We'll know more at this morning's shootaround. … and I'll update their status then.

DONUT 5: Should DeShawn stay as a starter tonight?

If the other choice is Jet, the answer is yes. If the determination is made by the other team having a player who merits Stevenson's attention (rookie Evan Turner?, the answer is yes. If you are looking for continuity (Dallas is 2-0, having won over Boston here and at Memphis), the answer is yes.

All of which, of course, might be meaningless to Rick Carlisle. ... who will let us (and the opposition) know minutes before tonight's 7:35 tipoff.

DONUT 6: The Mavs are doing a cool "expanded Veteran's Day'' sort of thing by offering a buy-one/get-one-free ticket offer for the Friday, Oct. 19 Bulls-Mavs game to all military personnel. To order tickets and get more info, call (214) 747-6287.

DONUT 7: The Spurs now feel the Mavs' pain: Spurs rookie James Anderson underwent foot surgery yesterday to repair a stress fracture in his fifth metatarsal. Same bone, same pin inserted in foot and same two-to-three month waiting period as with Roddy B.

DONUT 8: There was a score (Boston 112, Miami 107) from last night. And there is a record (Miami is now just 5-4, making that 73-9 look as like the Kilimanjaro most of us knew it to be).

But all you really need to know about Boston's win over the celebrated team that is presently in third place in the Southeast Division comes from a tweet from paulpierce34:

"It's been a pleasure to bring my talents to South Beach. Now on to Memphis.''

DONUT 9: The TNT guys were talking last night, Marv Albert and Steve Kerr deciding that Pau Gasol is the greatest foreign-born NBA player of all-time.

Except maybe for Hakeem.

And that is that.

Unless you care to argue in favor of Dirk. Which we do. At Boards.

And oh by the way: Steve Nash, anybody?

Having done a bit of this myself, I know that when it's live TV or live radio and it's all off-the-cuff, you might make an error of omission in this sort of conversation. But at this point in their respective careers, and after most NBA watchers (Marv and Kerr included) having engaged in this exact conversation hundreds of times, how does Dirk Nowitzki's name fail to pop up prominently from one's mental filing cabinet? How does Steve Nash's?

Is it because Marv and Kerr were in attendance at the Lakers game and could not see beyond a few feet in front of their noses?

I mean, wasn't Steve Kerr most recently the GM of a Suns team lead by multi-time MVP Nash?

DONUT 10: We're proud to be associated with, for a number of wonderful reasons. But here's the only one you really care about: The daily offer today is a chance to play Bridlewood in Flower Mound for 56-percent off the usual price.

See why we're proud? (But not too proud to accept $89 worth of golf for $39!)

DONUT 11: Chris Mannix of was in town this week and he files an interesting piece on the state of the team. And as "archerbro'' points out, it all drives along nicely until Chris mentions the Mavs' possible pursuit of Gilbert Arenas. At which point the article rolls off into a ditch somewhere, hits a tree, and is arrested for reckless driving.

DONUT 12: Mavs coach Rick Carlisle gave the team Thursday off … but there was still Mavericks togetherness, as the team, staff and club employees gathered downtown for a Thanksgiving feast. I was asked a couple of times yesterday: Why are the celebrating Thanksgiving on Nov. 11?

Let's look ahead to the actual Thanksgiving Week and the Mavs' schedule: That Tuesday they're at home against the Pistons. Then they hit the road for the second night of a b2b at OKC (luckily, a short trip). Then they'll probably zip straight to San Antonio for a Friday road game. Then it's another second-night of a b2b at home Saturday against the visiting Heat.

Five days of Thanksgiving Week. Four games. Two back-to-backs. Two plane rides. And a trio of critical/marquee games against the Thunder, Spurs and Heat.

So you take your turkey dinner when you can fit it in.

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