Mavs-Sixers A Numbers Night For Quoteboard

Bad night from the sharpshooters -- it happens. Usually when it does, the Mavericks lose. Let's talk the talk in Mavs Quoteboard!

Now, a part of the reason why Dallas didn't lose is because the 76ers are terrible in many ways, if we're honest. But some other big parts have to do with Dallas's 99-90 win. One of them's not very big in and of himself but he's got a two-ton heart. Another part's got two heads. And another part makes history. Let's talk parts. Quoteboard:

The JJ Part -- third season high in a row with 19 points, 7-14 from the floor . . .
"Well I'm settling down a little bit and getting my rhythm. I was thinking too much when I was out there playing and then I just started playing my game. I kept being aggressive and relaxed a little bit and my teammates were on me just play your game, just play your game and so that's what I have been doing and it's working out." -JJ Barea

"His penetration was key. His minutes were vital to us winning the game because he made a lot of positive things happen. He hit big shots." -Coach Rick Carlisle

The Two-Headed Part -- between them, Tyson Chandler and Brendan Haywood produced 17 points, 29 rebounds, 3 blocks and a steal . . .
"Their size killed us. At the end of the day it's their size. Tyson Chandler and Brendan had 29 rebounds, 12 on the offensive backboards." -Coach Doug Collins

"I just tried to be aggressive on the board, come out with energy and spark the team any way I could. If we combine for 20 and 20 on most nights, that would be big for this team. We both come in and try to establish ourselves on the offensive and defensive glass because that's our role, and then we let everything else fall where it may." -Brendan Haywood

"They're both terrific players, and right now they've got a tag team thing going that's helping us. When Tyson comes out, he gets Brendan fired up. They're getting a lot done for us. Haywood's 17 rebounds is a monster number." -Coach Rick Carlisle

And the Historic Part, as Jason Kidd drops his 11,000 assist -- a lob to Tyson Chandler for a slam dunk . . .
"It was nice, going with a pass that I enjoy throwing a lot. Tyson came up with the catch, but he has the hardest part. All the guys that put the ball in for me always had the hardest part and that's putting the ball in the basket . . . I've just enjoyed passing the ball. It's made the game fun and easy for me." -Jason Kidd

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