We Talk To Cuban About Dallas Stars Rumor

Amid a handful of weekend reports that Mark Cuban is "kicking the tires'' on a purchase of the NHL's Dallas Stars, we communicated with Mavs owner Cuban to get to the bottom of the story.

With a couple of Canadian TV networks reporting/speculating that Cuban has accelerated his interest in the local hockey team – and then with the natural ensuing social-media buzz – DB.com tracked down Cuban to get an update on any developments.

"All my conversation about the Stars,'' Cuban tells me, "are only about my interest in being involved in control of (American Airlines Center). It's only as it pertains to the arena. I will talk to any interested Stars buyer, same as I always am willing to do.''

My understanding: Cuban is checking in with prospective buyers in order to partner up as a minority investor in the NHL team, thus creating some corporate synergy (and revenue, of course) between the two main tenants of the AAC.

The incumbent owner of the Stars is Tom Hicks. But his defaulting on loans that led to his purchase of the team is forcing a re-sale. Cuban has close associations with a number of people who have in the past expressed interest (or are rumored to have done so), including billionaire friend Todd Wagner and NHL star Mike Modano. Cuban himself once attempted to purchase his hometown Pittsburgh Penguins, and also this summer was involved in a controversial bidding war for baseball's Texas Rangers.

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