Monday Morning Mavs DONUTS

Monday Morning Mavs Donuts, and the start of a big week for the Mavs and the start of a big day for … We'll preview the Dallas-New Orleans game, get you info from shootaround, offer exclusive stuff on Tyson Chandler, take the wheel for "Mavs Afternoon Drive'' and take you all day right to tipoff … stick with's Mavs coverage throughout the day!

DONUT 1: Our first order of business during today's busy day at is the status of back-spasm'y swingman Caron Butler. The two-time All-Star's ups and downs this year are now "downs'' as he's missed the Mavs' last two games. He's spending time in the ol' hyperbaric chamber and he did participate in Sunday's workout, on at least a limited basis.

But Mavs coach Rick Carlisle still doesn't know if he'll have Tuff Juice at his disposal tonight against New Orleans at the AAC.

"I don't know yet,'' Rick said Sunday. "Day-to-day.'' will keep you updated on that, and …

DONUT 2: And …

Also on our agenda today:

*A shootaround report that focuses on Dirk's UberAnkles.

*An exclusive look at Tyson Chandler's numbers and emotions as he prepares to oppose his former team.

*A Mavs-Hornets preview.

* "Mavs Afternoon Drive'' with all the latest news and notes leading up to the game.

*My TV appearance for FS Southwest on the Hornets pregame show … for all y'all readers in Louisiana and thereabouts.

DONUT 3: It appears that the great Michael Wilbon of The Washington Post is taking on the challenge of rehabbing Allen Iverson's image.

Good luck with that, kind sir.

Michael's piece is anchored by two powerful statements. I dispute both.

First: "Don't get me wrong, Allen Iverson shouldn't have to play in Turkey - or anywhere in Europe or Asia. Iverson, now 35 years old, should be taking his curtain calls here, at home, for an NBA team, preferably a contender. You can't convince me that Iverson can't help a good team, that he can't come off the bench and be an asset …''

Michael, I'm not getting YOU wrong; you're getting IT wrong.

When an NBA player wants the money or sees his skills erode or pisses off potential stateside employers, he can move to Europe.

When an NBA player wants the money AND sees his skills erode AND pisses off potential stateside employers, he MUST move to Europe.

DONUT 4: Second: "The look on Allen Iverson's face in that moment he was introduced to his new life was one of pure amazement, equal parts shock and fear. And that gave way to the realization that these people halfway around the world - in a place he never thought much about and would never have reason to - loved him, adored him.''

Sportswriters (yours truly and the truly great ones like Wilbon) never get this right: The people of Turkey were NOT cheering for A.I. They do NOT love A.I.

They were cheering for a cartoon character from TV. They love his posters. They adore his image.

If they actually knew Allen Iverson – the way all those NBA coaches and all those NBA general managers who know him well enough to have caused him to have to go to Turkey -- they might be less likely to "love him, adore him.''

DONUT 5: I think I'm going to quit whining about Dirk being disrespected. The kids nowadays can't even name "Tim Duncan'' if you spot them the "Spurs'' and the "three-time MVP''!

Check the short video from "Jeopardy'' …

Two more things I take from this:

One, I like how the girl knows "Parker.'' Likely due to who he's married to.

Two, I love Alex' inability to hide his disappointment. "Nooooouuuuuuuhhhhh,'' Trebek says to the boy's "Carmelo Anthony'' guess.

DONUT 6: NY media outlets report that the Yankees "personally'' visited Cliff Lee in Arkansas. How else would you visit a free agent? Impersonally?

DONUT 7: I mentioned over the weekend that Shawn Marion has shown high-level effectiveness almost no matter what he's asked to do.

Most guys, it's, "Tell me the rules/boundaries/definitions and I'll play by those.''


One night (Boston) he's asked to take just two shots.

The next game (Memphis) he's required to make a season-high 10 shots on a season-high 15 attempts.

On Friday (Philly), let's do it again, 8-of-11 for 16 points.

And on Monday? Especially if Butler is back, Marion's offensive might be back-burner.

This is "role acceptance'' over "role definition.'' Marion is suddenly Carlisle's Cover Guy for the idea.

DONUT 8: Chris Bosh says he's glad to be out of Canada because those years with the Raptors deprived him of the ability to watch what he calls "the good cable.'' As in, cable TV.

Is Chris being funny? Or stupid?

Toronto isn't Mars. Toronto has cable. Their citizens watch NBA League Pass. They've seen "The Sopranos.''

I assume Chris is being stupid, and it's rather amazing that a person as technologically astute as he is – with the Social Media and the self-made documentaries and all – couldn't find a way to use his $15.6 mil salary to CALL somebody to hook him up.

From Raptors coach Jay Triano: "I don't remember one day when he came into practice and said he was mad because he didn't have the good cable.''

From David Teel (here's a shameless plug) , a friend of and the proprietor of AV Spots, which installs top-class audio and visual systems into businesses and homes (of lots of people just like Chris): "I wish Chris Bosh would've called me. We can install something in five minutes that would've given him access to anything he wants. In Canada, in Dallas, maybe even on Mars. That can be done.''

DONUT 9: Jerry Jones keeps trying to fight the perception that his hands-on style makes the Cowboys coaching job undesireable.

I think he shouldn't fight so hard … so he can instead simply make a good hire.

Quote from Mr. Jones: "I will say that before I made the decision with Wade Phillips, I had Super Bowl-winning coaches solicit this job," Jones said during his weekly show on The Fan.

Somewhere in there, there is some semantic elbow room. "Solicit''? Does Jerry mean two coaches "approached'' him about it? Or "offered their services''? Did the actual coaches send resumes? Or did their agents simply inquire?

And this "Super Bow-winning coaches'' line … that is meant by Jones as an endorsement of their quality. But if it means "Barry Switzer,'' maybe it's not the powerful phrase Jerry means it to be.

We're probably talking about who here?

Dungy or Holmgren? Nah.

Cowher, Shanahan, Gruden and Billick? Certainly, in terms of their agents poking around at different times in the last few months.

Bill Parcells? Do you think Parcells and Jerry have talked about "stuff''? You bet. About Parcells coming back here to coach? No.

Jimmy Johnson? Same thing … the old associates still talk. But not about this. Absolutely not.

And now to semantics: Remember when Dan Reeves was going to be hired here? Had an office and everything, to be the "assistant GM'' or "consultant'' or "Operations Boss'' or something? I bet Reeves and Jerry had many conversations about coaching. …

But Jerry, what's the point of revealing a peek at this issue? So everyone will talk about it, speculate about it, and push off of the front pages the fact that this is still -- even after Jason Garrett's impressive 33-20 debut against the Giants on Sunday -- one of the most underachieving teams in NFL history?

Oh, yeah.

DONUT 10: will fix you up with daily specials on chances to play DFW's finest courses at a discounted rate that is being revealed ... right now! (How about Fort Worth Hawks Creek Golf Club for half-price? That's $25!) Dig it!

DONUT 11: Great line from our own Michael Dugat, who writes:

In 2010, Pacquiao now has two victories in Cowboys Stadium … which puts him two victories ahead of this year's Cowboys squad in their own stadium.

DONUT 12: Mark Cuban guides us to the Top 10 Movies Every MBA or Entrepreneur Should See.

DONUT 13: Again, I'll see you at the AAC tonight, where just before the game I'll do a TV taping for FS Southwest's "Mavs Insider'' and I'll do a live spot for FS Southwest on Mavs-Hornets … that will air in the Hornets market. So if y'all are watching tonight from the Bayou, I'll tug on my ear for you or something.

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