5 Angles On Beaubois Injury: The Boot Is Off

Today is the three-month anniversary of Rodrigue Beaubois' surgery. Shouldn't this be a big deal? Yet there is an odd calm at Mavs HQ regarding Roddy B and the doctor's permission for him to remove his protective boot. We chase down the story from five different sources: From Dirk Nowitzki, from GM Donnie Nelson, from owner Mark Cuban, from a video reminder and from Roddy B himself:

* The word from Roddy B: So, is he free?

Almost. Maybe in two more weeks.

"It's looking better, actually,'' Beaubois told reporters on Monday. "That's why I'm out of the boot. It is still not ready yet. I still have to wait a couple of more weeks. But for sure, it's a big step to be out of the boot, because I was kind of tired of wearing it. It's a good thing but I still need more time.''

It seems as though Dr. T.O. Souryal and the Mavs staff are approaching Roddy B's next step of recovery in chunks of 10 days.

"It's going to be spot-shooting and the same thing I was doing with the boot, but without it, for at least the first 10 days,'' Beaubois said. "And then we'll see when I'll be able to do more. Right now, I can just ride the bike, and I have to do it every day to stay in shape."

I'm told that after those 10 days, there might be another evaluation in 10 more … this is progress of a sort, and just being out of the boot is progress, too, except that … it was three months ago today when Beaubois underwent surgery on the broken bone in his foot. And with the surgery came the announcement that is would be a "two-to-three-month'' recovery period.

So … Happy Three-Month Anniversary?!

*Mark Cuban isn't exactly panicking.

Cuban said on Friday that Beaubois was scheduled to see the doctor. It was 24 hours later, and there was no announcement on the result, so I contacted the Mavs owner late Saturday night for a check-in on the check-up.

"I haven't gotten a report on that yet,'' Cuban told me.

Yeah, but … isn't this, like, pretty much the most monumental thing going on at Mavs HQ right now? Aren't Cuban and Donnie and everybody on pins and needles over this thing, like we outsiders are?

*Well, Donnie, aren't you?

"Good things come to those who wait,'' Nelson tells me today. "Listen, there is no point in losing sleep over this. The (doctor's) appointment was Monday. The prognosis was good. The progress is good. Roddy is in the best possible hands here, and in terms of conditioning and rehab and the whole thing, he's doing everything possible to get back with us.

"And when he's ready, he's really going to be ready.''

So we wait. Ten days. Or whatever.

*And now for this video interlude.

Just in case you need a reminder of what all the fuss is about ... The rookie Roddy B at Golden State:

Or against Derrick Rose in Chicago ...

Or in the playoffs against San Antonio ...

* And Dirk's anticipatory words of praise, just in case you think all video is too homerish:

"I think he's the one kind of player that brings some ‘unpredicatableness' about his game – if that's a word, ‘unpredictableness,''' Nowitzki said of the second-year player who the Mavs believe is a burgeoning star. "He has that type of game where he can run and push and pull up and just make things happen really out of nothing.''

The Mavericks are ready for Roddy B's unpredictableness as a player … as soon as they put behind them the unpredictableness of his foot.

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