The Talk Of The Mavs-Bulls Locker Rooms

The Mavericks have talked about protecting home court and making dominance at the AAC a theme for the season. So far, that hasn't gone according to plan. Bulls win, 88-83. The Mavs? They gotta get on a plane, so we'll make ‘em talk fast. Quoteboard!

Regarding Dirk's 36 point night, and the other eight players' 47 point night . . .

"I think except for Dirk a lot of guys struggled tonight, but I don't think the game was lost on the offensive end." -Brendan Haywood

"There are going to be nights where Dirk's going to have a huge night; he's that great of a player. But 20 offensive rebounds and 25 second chance points is just tempting fate too much, it's as simple is that." -Coach Rick Carlisle

About the rebounding, in which the Bulls outworked Dallas to the tune of 59-34 . . .

"Tonight we were talking about defense, and rebounding, and low turnovers . . . I thought the rebounding was outstanding, and then we turned the ball over more than we would like. But I also thought we got the ball inside, and I thought we were unselfish." -Coach Tom Thibodeau

"Offensive rebounds come down to team defensive schemes and effort so at the end of the day we got to go and get those rebounds and be much more aggressive than we were tonight." -Brendan Haywood

"They're very persistent -- Noah is the second leading rebounder in the league, he might be No. 1 after tonight, and Gibson had a huge night on the boards. There were a few that we had and fumbled and there were a few that we had and they ripped 'em out of our hands. Those are simple plays that we've gotta make and we don't make them, they're lost posessions and they're additional opportunities for a good team." -Coach Rick Carlisle

Regarding Taj Gibson and his first three point basket . . . ever . . .

"It wasn't a throw up, I just shot it. A throw up is like, ahhhhh. I stepped into it and shot it. I shot it with confidence and it went it." -Taj Gibson

About the third quarter, in which the Bulls went behind by as many as 12 before rallying . . .

"Well, I thought we kept fighting. And I thought we were aggressive against their zone. We didn't settle for all jump shots." -Coach Tom Thibodeau

"It was frustrating because we kind of had them on the ropes and this was a game we really wanted to win and we let it slip away at home and coach has been stressing this all year that we've got to be a better team at home." -Brendan Haywood

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