Mavs Quoteboard After Road Win Over Hawks

A sip from the well of the Eastern Conference proved good medicine, as the Mavs scratched out a win over the Atlanta Hawks, 98-93. Let's see what's the what before everybody falls asleep on the flight home. Quoteboard!

About tonight's turnaround -- the first second night of a back-to-back of the year, and one where the team didn't hit dirt until the wee hours . . .

"It was a tough back-to-back for us, coming in late at night." -Dirk Nowitzki

"It's just one of the realities of this league . . . We didn't have anybody play ridiculous minutes, so these kinds of turnarounds are something that our guys have done many times. And we're just gonna have to come out and play and play our game and play it well." -Coach Rick Carlisle

Regarding Dallas's extraordinary success in winning road games . . .

"It's just comin' in here with confidence, coming into everybody's building looking, again, to silence the crowd. You know, just to hear them real silent after you've put a number on 'em. That's the key." -Jason Terry

About playing a quality game after Friday night's disappointment. . .

"Our last game pretty much the only body that showed up was Dirk . . . As long as we learn from our mistakes and bounce back when we have adversity, then we're gonna be a tough team." -Jason Terry

"We were ticked off a little bit." -Shawn Marion

Regarding the endgame -- Atlanta began the fourth quarter down nine and ralled to just one point behind at 00:15.2 . . .

"You get up on a team like that and, you know the end there, they're gonna fight back-- they're gonna fight back at home and they made it interesting. But we did what we needed to do to preserve victory." -Jason Terry

"We didn't come out with the energy we needed, but we were able to get back in it." -Joe Johnson

"Big free throws; and I wanted to make up for the turnover on the prior possession." -Jason Terry

In short . . .

"We responded to a tough loss yesterday. We kind of made it a little hard on ourselves there in the second half. I felt like that was a good win against a good team at home." -Dirk Nowitzki

"Well this was a must-win ballgame for us against a tough team. Atlanta's been playing very well the last four years and they've got a great team. But tonight we jumped on 'em early and kinda caught 'em by surprise." -Jason Terry

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