TUESDAY DONUTS: Getting Defensive For Detroit

Tuesday Morning Mavs Donuts: The Pistons in town for a tune-up ... Del Harris flashes his tongues ... Rick Carlisle gets "defensive'' ... I'm mixing an Uptown cocktail for Damp ... Time to make the Donuts!

DONUT 1: Longtime Friend-of-DB.com Del Harris continues his work with the Texas Legends and is a Mavericks "ambassador'' of sorts. But he's got a new gig, doing one of the things he does best:

Talking basketball.

In Spanish?


Del, the NBA lifer with 50 years in the game, is the color analyst for the Mavs' Spanish-speaking telecasts.

"It's been about six years since I've really spoken much Spanish,'' Del tells me. "But I think I'll be able to fake my way through.''

Yeah, probably. And if he struggles, he can always rely on one of the other five languages he speaks.

DONUT 2: Erick Dampier is close to joining the Heat … just in time to visit Dallas this weekend?

I'll see you at Hotel ZaZa late Saturday night, Damp!


If this goes through, Big Damp will step into a good situation for him (Miami needs a big body) but a surprisingly mediocre situation for the Heat. Miami lost last night, at home, to the Pacers, a 93-77 blowout decision that had Miami fans booing their "Superfriends.''

DONUT 3: May I politely invite you to check out DB.com Boards (sign up! It's free!), to check us out and sign up or browse about … It's free! There's Mavs buzz and you can get in on it at DB.com Boards!

DONUT 4: Going to the game? Need a way in?

Here's how it can work when you allow MavCowTickets to be your guide:

Hey, Fish,

Thanks for referring me to Ryan at MavCowTickets. I bought Cowboys tickets from him and because me and my girlfriend really just wanted to get in somehow with another couple, we got some cheap end-zone tickets. Four of them for $125, which seemed like a good-enough deal. But then Ryan brought us our tickets, and left the envelope (yeah, he actually drove to my office to drop them off!), the $31 tickets we'd paid for somehow got upgraded to $79 tickets … and our seats were somehow on the 35-yard line, right behind the Cowboys bench!

Fish, I don't know how you found this Ryan guy. But you ought to keep him around. For me, anyway!

Thanks! From Tim

DONUT 5: Something scary about the Spurs, who Dallas will see on Friday in San Antonio: They've gotten off to a 12-1 start and have done it without Tim Duncan having to worry about scoring. In fully half of SA's games so far this year, he's failed to reach double-digits.

You might think that's about "decline.'' I think it's about being able to turn it on when absolutely necessary.

Like, say, Friday.

DONUT 6: Cowboys-Lions game. Two gals in Lions jerseys, leaning over rail overlooking suites. Here come the cops to escort them out of the building.


They were spitting into the suites.

One of which happened to be occupied by Roger Staubach, who, regretfully, wasn't wearing his raincoat.

DONUT 7: There's now an interview out there with Delonte West, one (written by our friend Chris Tomasson at Fanhouse) that takes an empathetic look at the now-Celtic's struggles with bipolar disorder ... and how it's led to West's myriad behavioral problems.

Assorted bites from West: "I'm a role model'' ... "I feel sorry that this is a society we're moving into.'' ..."You've got to remember, this is just a game'' ... "You got to do unto others as you have unto yourself. ... "You know, they hated Jesus, too.''

I'm not just empathetic here; I'm sympathetic, if you know what I mean. But with all due respect to Delonte West's struggles: I'm not sure I am in need of attendance at The Delonte West Lecture Series on the subjects of media, ethics, societal ills and religion.

But thanks anyway!

DONUT 8: As a Vikings fan and a Cowboys follower (and long-time friend of RedBall), I am happy to suggest that Jason Garrett's ability to inspire a Dallas turnaround had ended Brad Childress' Purple Reign in Minnesota.

DONUT 9: You are no doubt familiar with the fine work of Mike Bacsik, the former big-league pitcher and Mavs fanatic who co-hosts with me on our DB.com Mavs Podcast (every Wednesday at noon). … Well, FS Southwest doesn't have the telecasts later this week; Gina Miller will be the studio host on TXA21, and guess who her subbing-for-Derek Harper sidekick is going to be?

Mike Bacsik of DallasBasketball.com!

Congratulations, kid!

DONUT 10: I will give you one guess which NBA writer penned the column under the following headline:


For Carmelo Anthony, Bulls are the best and only option

If you guessed anybody but "Sam Smith,'' you haven't been paying attention to the years of windbaggery emitting from the Windy City.

DONUT 11: NBA union boss Billy Hunter puts the odds on a lockout next summer at "99 percent."

Am I wrong to plunge my head into the sand on this?

A "lockout'' isn't a "cancellation.'' It's not even a "delay.'' I actually have some faith (maybe blind faith, given that my head is down in this hole) that the powers-that-be will learn lessons from baseball and hockey, both of which fell of the (relative) map thanks to labor disputes that allowed fans to realize they could actually live without their sports.

So, wake me up next summer on this.

DONUT 12: Rick Carlisle apparently got a bit defensive on Monday when it was suggested that his Mavs play zone defense as a way to cover up individual deficiencies.

"That's not why we play zone," Carlisle said. "We play zone because it's a defense that can be effective against any lineup if you know your job within the zone, if you can cover your areas and, most importantly, get your block-out assignments."

Of course, I am one of the idiots – on TV, radio and in print – who has dared suggest that it was in part about covering up deficiencies. (While also noting the defensive rebounding problems that come with the alignment.)


Rick is correct, of course, when he says, "Right now, our defensive numbers are the best they've been since I've been here.''

But the style of defense used is meant to mesh with the available talent. I mean, c'mon. If this Mavs roster featured, say, Bill Russell, Bobby Jones, Michael Cooper, Gary Payton and Dennis Johnson, how much zone do you think it would play?

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