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Admit it: at the end of three, you were thinking of flipping channels. But then the Mavs offense dropped into gear, revved, and roared away. The Mavs got the 10th win of the year against a younger, totally healthy, no-BS contending team, and suddenly everybody's in a groovy mood. Let's go dig the happy vibes by making a quick list of stuff for which we're thankful. Quoteboard!

Thankful for Jason Kidd, one of the best basketball floor generals ever . . .
"Kidd controlled the tempo -- we've called very few plays, we're just down playing basketball out there." -Coach Rick Carlisle

Thankful for Tyson Chandler and his enormous 17-18 double-double . . .
"He's been amazing, just his positive energy. He's always the first one off the bench when he's not on the court. he's vocal in the locker room and he's been amazing to have around." -Dirk Nowitzki

"Tonight was a great example of what he's meant to our team. Creating posessions for us by just outworking people on the inside. He got a lot done around the basket, scoring too. He was great." -Coach Rick Carlisle

Thankful for Dirk Nowitzki, because he's Dirk . . .
"Dirk's four-point play really sparked us, that's what brought us back." -Coach Rick Carlisle

"I love it. I absolutely love it. It catches me off-guard every single time because you just don't expect that." -Tyson Chandler

Thankful that Dallas stayed in the game until the offense finally clicked . . .
"Defensively we just kept grinding it out and getting stops. And all of a sudden our offense came alive there in the fourth quarter." -Jason Terry

"They made their run at the best time possible for them. Right in the fourth quarter, and then we couldn't really close the gap and come back." -Thabo Sefolosha

Thankful for unselfishness, togetherness, and how Dallas is working as a collective . . .
"Butler's up really encouraging Shawn Marion in the whole fourth quarter; and he had a decent game going too." -Coach Rick Carlisle

"It's a team thing; we're all collectively helping each other and supporting each other. Like I told J-Kidd because he's like, ‘I'm missing,' I was like, ‘Well shoot till you make it. It ain't going to go unless you shoot it.'" -Shawn Marion

"Tonight I felt like we all were in tune. Even guys in suit jackets were in the huddle cheering guys on, keeping our spirit lifted. I thought that really impacted the game." -Tyson Chandler

They're thankful that they have this group of men as Dallas Mavericks . . .
"They never quit on a game, never quit on a situation, they keep encouraging each other, and we just look for good things to happen." -Coach Rick Carlisle

"You've got a bunch of guys who have sacrificed, but you have a bunch of guys who work hard and want to win." -Jason Kidd

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