DONUTS: A Dozen Holiday Notes From Mavs HQ

It's Thursday Morning Mavs Donuts, and Dirk Nowitzki wants to hand out a Dirkie ... Enjoy leftovers? I've still got a skillion notes from the win at OKC left in the fridge. ... Tuff Juice is getting it, quarter-by-quarter ... How many Mavs taped an aspirin to it last night? ... Time to make the Donuts!

DONUT 1: Around these parts at, we choose a player of the game (after wins only). It's called "The Dirkie,'' and it's a small golden statue depicting The UberMan in classic One-Legged Euro Lean-Back pose.

So after a 111-103 win on Wednesday in which Dirk scores 34 against OKC (like he always does against OKC) … Nowitzki gets "The Dirkie,'' right?

Nowitzki himself is voting for Tyson Chandler, who added to his impressive early showing with the Mavs with a monster 17-point, 18-rebound contribution.

"He's been amazing, just his positive energy," Nowitzki said. "He's always the first one off the bench when he's not on the court. he's vocal in the locker room and he's been amazing to have around. … He gets the game ball as far as I'm concerned.''

You will recall that TC was almost a member of the Thunder, when New Orleans was dumping contracts and he was traded there … and then he failed a physical and the deal was undone.

Best failed physical that ever happened around here, I say.

DONUT 2: The Mavs' smallish guards didn't shoot well enough to make many baskets. … they just shot well at the right moments.

In the third quarter, the Mavericks missed 13 straight shots. Overall, Kidd and Jet (let's not even count JJB here) combined to shoot 6-of-23. (Oh, OK. Throw JJB in there, too, and it's 8-of-30.)

But in the fourth?

"They got hot. Let's face it," Oklahoma City coach Scotty Brooks said in what reads as a rather dismissive remark. "This is a good team. They hit a lot of 3's, and they were missing a lot of 3's early in the game."

Dismissive. But true. Dallas missed some 3's and then made some 3's, I guess.

DONUT 3: This is acceptable from Caron Butler.

Tuff Juice contributed 15 points, eight of those keeping Dallas afloat in the first quarter … as he picked up where he left off in the win over Detroit 24 hours earlier, when he scored the first seven points of the final quarter in a Dallas win.

No, that's not the same as Dirk scoring 42 and 34 on back-to-back nights. But it's back-to-back quarters of seven and eight points … and then "role acceptance'' as he passed the baton to Shawn Marion.


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DONUT 5: This can get lost in all the blemishes that the Mavs admittedly have. But if you are going to be a good-but-flawed team with one indelible trademark, maybe the fact that you almost always win on the road is that good trademark to have. Dallas improved to 5-1 on the road (remember, the Mavs almost got it done in New Orleans, too), and has the video highlights:

DONUT 6: Are you a playa?


Want in on our NBA2K Tournament at The Back 9 on Dec. 4? It's hosted by Game Havens and sponsored by and … there is no charge to play but there are cool prizes, including game tickets … go to the Game Havens Facebook Page and check ‘em out!

DONUT 7: I did not find Brendan Haywood's work to be especially energetic, disappointing when you are the backup center on the second night of a b2b. (But, as I wrote last night, he did contribute a 3/3 on the way to the two centers reaching 20/20!)

I guess it's good, though, that he and Barea (and maybe DeShawn Stevenson, too) all played through assorted ailments. Put Shawn Marion (cold and flu season!) on that list as well, and you've got half the rotation needing to tape an aspirin to it to get through it.

Better than some of those cats not showing up at all.

DONUT 8: Ian Mahinmi got those three minutes against Detroit, and I wondered when Big Wood exited the game in its middle with a thigh problem if Ian might get another chance.

Nah. Carlisle went with The Janitor, Brian Cardinal, who fouled the living hell out of one driving OKC'er and then, hands sufficiently dirtied, sat back down.

DONUT 9: The Quote of the Night: "I think rest is a little overrated in this league.'' From Rick Carlisle, who needs to keep telling himself (and his fellas) that as another b2b looms. ...

DONUT 10: directs me to this video ... "To Be Continued'' ...

DONUT 11: Not that you concede anything here, but isn't this week already a relative success?

If you came into it understanding the demands of two b2b's and opponents including OKC, San Antonio and the Heat … and you were able to project a 2-2 record out of it. … that's OK, yes?

So now we ratchet up expectations.

Which one you do think you get?

At San Antonio on Friday against the hated Spurs team that has won 12 straight?

Or home against the Heat on Saturday, a Miami team that is just 8-7, but ... hey, the are the unbeatable Superfriends!

DONUT 12: If you've been around for the last 11 years or so, you've probably already noticed this. But I think it's worth saying:

I thank you.


We've undergone a facelift around here, as you've noticed. It's something we've done periodically over our decade-plus. This alteration, though, is rather high-profile, as it includes our involvement with TV and as it includes the fact that any change we make involves and affects thousands and thousands of Mavs fans.

I thank you for sticking with me. I thank you for supporting the sponsors and partners who make possible. I thank you for the friendships we all have made over these years, and I look forward to more of the same.

Again, on behalf of myself and my family, thank you.

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