Indigenous Ballers In The Upper Deck

Little is known about the true history of the first Thanksgiving, and the story of how Pilgrims and Indians -- er, Indigenous Peoples -- got together for a feast and watched a form of basketball which consisted of a pilgrim throwing a pumpkin into a horse trough while an Indigenous Person guarded. And the Indigenous Guy, not understanding it's "only a game," succeeded by using a spear.

Thanksgiving in America is traditionally one of the most important holidays on the calendar, and not just because most of us get at least two days off work, although that is a major plus. The traditions usually include eating some kind of dead animal which is usually a turkey but other animals are acceptable including but not limited to cows, pigs, bears, and deer. Most of the time fish is not acceptable because we live in Texas and in Texas there is a legal requirement that we make fun of people that eat fish on Thanksgiving.

Of course, the second part of the tradition is to consume more food that is consumed in many small cities in other countries, and then to collapse on the couch and watch football, or basketball, although it is fair to say that the NBA has traditionally written off Thanksgiving, and this year there are only two NBA games on the day, both evening games involving teams no one cares about including the players, coaching staff, and fans. I know one of the teams is from a Barber College in Los Angeles, but I cannot remember much more about them. I just know it is not the team from Los Angeles people care about. The Clippers are playing a team from Sacramento; until I looked at the schedule I had forgotten they still had a team. The earlier game features Washington and Atlanta. I cannot say I am excited about either game.

I do have some things for which I am thankful. I am thankful that the preseason favorite to win the championship of the universe, the Miami Heat, is thus far going down in flames. I am thankful that I do not have to get patted down by some sweaty guy at the airport this year. Come to think of it, I am not sure that guy even worked at the airport last year. I am thankful for the Cowboys making at least a feeble attempt to resurrect the season. I am also thankful for my family, friends, and for the fact that there is no "Dancing with the Stars'' show on Thanksgiving that my wife would likely make me watch.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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