What Mavs And Heat Are Saying In Quoteboard

'Basketball is Jazz': It's a Mavs theme. As applied to Dallas's 106-95 victory over the Heat, it's the difference between a concert ensemble you'd pay money to see and a bunch of soloists at an Open Mike Night; One makes music, and the other makes noise. In plainer language, the Mavs have just swept four games in five nights. That's only happened twice in franchise history. Quoteboard!

About leading scorer Caron Butler, who played in the closing minutes and ended with 23 points . . .
"We've been telling Caron to just catch and shoot and take that first one, and then go into your tricks and the game will be a lot easier for him. Tonight, we went to him and he delivered." -Jason Kidd

"Just not second-guessing myself and just going out there and taking what was giving to me and my teammates put me in a great situation to be successful and I was nailing shots." -Caron Butler

"He never shies away from big shots. He's the kind of player that'll always play better when he's relied upon. It's a treat to have guys like that, and then on nights when the other guy at his position is playing well, he gets right behind him." -Coach Rick Carlisle

"Definitely responded today. We needed his shot-making ability." -Dirk Nowitzki

The dynamic between Butler and Marion, and who is on the court at a given time . . .

"We're tag-teaming. We know that we've got to work with each other to be successful, and that's what we're doing on both ends of the court. And tonight was a prime example of that." -Caron Butler

Regarding the third quarter, in which Dallas held Miami scoreless for almost five mintues . . .
"Well, we missed shots and that affected out defensive energy and that will happen at times regardless of what you do – man, zone, whatever – you may miss shots. But that cannot dictate your energy or your disposition down at the defensive end." -Coach Erik Spoelstra

"We made a point to get out of the locker room and get loose; show them that we would be warm and we wanted to pick up the pace. We felt that by pushing the ball-- it wasn't necessarily their game." -Coach Rick Carlisle

"I think we pushed the pace up a little more, got some stops and just overall I think had a good energy coming out the locker room." -Dirk Nowitzki

About Tyson Chandler and his continuing excellence at the center position . . .
"We played four games in five nights, so I knew my team would need my energy. I wanted to make it a point to come out early in the game and kind of set the tone and the pace of the game, and I felt like my team really got behind me." -Tyson Chandler

"He's key for us every night. He's become the heart and soul of our defense." -Coach Rick Carlisle

"Tyson's a monster in that middle." -Shawn Marion

About the collective work needed to compensate for a -- by his standards -- off-night from Nowitzki . . .
"It was a great team effort. I obviously didn't have a lot left in the tank after four in five, but the guys were great." -Dirk Nowitzki

A note on offense from our floor general -- tonight the Mavericks had six players score in double figures . . .
"For us on offense it's about taking that first look and making sure that everyone gets touches but sometimes we get in trouble when we overpass. Tonight we were knocking down our open looks." -Jason Kidd

Regarding the week that was . . .
"I know our guys are getting energized from winning and I don't sense any complacency. I feel like we are in the moment and playing in the present and that is what it is all about." -Coach Rick Carlisle

"It's been a good stretch for us this week . . . Now everything is starting to come together." -Tyson Chandler

"We've created an identity for ourselves in that stretch-- We're a tough-minded team." -Jason Terry

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