Talking Mavs Trade Ideas In 'Amateur GM'

Time to play "Amateur GM'' on three (apparently) Mavs burning questions: 1) Do the Mavs think they can re-sign Tyson Chandler? 2) Can Dallas move Haywood, Barea and maybe Butler as a package? 3) Can the Mavs be expected to pursue a blockbuster deadline deal? Let's play. …

1) "Do the Mavs think they can re-sign Tyson Chandler?"

I've seen this question asked here and there on Boards and elsewhere. And with all due respect, … it seems dumb to me.

The Mavs will have full Bird rights. Chandler is playing like an All-Star center and by both his words and his actions wants to be in Dallas. GM Donnie Nelson acquired him for a reason. Mavs owner Mark Cuban has always paid for centers. We fielded these same weird questions about Haywood last spring, and the Mavs kept Haywood at a very reasonable price (a deal starting at about $6.9 million.

Why would anyone see a problem with Chandler? I'm not buying it.

They will want him. He will want them. That will leave only one lingering issue … which we'll address in a moment.

2) "How can Dallas move Haywood, JJB and Caron? as a package (totaling $19,277,000)?"

There is an implied statement here that I'm not sure is true, which is, "the Mavs are eager to give up those guys.'' I suspect the reality is that the Mavs see these players as decent fits in a good program. … less than "10's'' on a scale of 1-to-10, to be sure. But my impression is that there is not a cloud of disgruntlement that hovers over the organization regarding these guys.

In short, I bet the Mavericks are fine with keeping those three – as underperforming as they have been as chronicled nicely here by Michael Dugat -- unless another team wows them with something that the Mavs dearly want.

Haywood can be a frustrating talent. That's nothing new.

As Fish has noted, the Mavs actually value the things that Barea does (like penetrate) because so few others on the roster do it.

And Butler continues to tease, as he did with his 23 points against Miami, with the promise that causes the Mavs to believe he can be the All-Star-level player that Josh Howard was finished being.

My personal opinion is, the Mavs aren't actively looking for a trade. Passively? Always. Listening to offers? Certainly. But almost all of this sort of aforementioned talk seem like "trade-just-to-make-a-trade" ideas ginned up by the impatient and pessimistic

Most of the names on any list of "Players the Mavs Should Get'' feel like some sort of "cafeteria-line" approach to thinking about trades. That is, " let's thumb through the NBA roster lists and can simply select whatever player we want.''

Pick a name. Any team. He is probably not even being shopped. He may not be a financial fit. His fit with Dallas may be dubious. And/or we're looking at the thought that the Mavs should and can trade what we think is their so-so player for another team's better player.

If Haywood/Barea/Butler are only so-so as players or as chips, why would the other team be wanting such a deal?

3) OK, so what about a blockbuster deadline deal?

I see one trade need for Dallas. I am unchanged on this stance since three years ago, unchanged since two years ago, unchanged from the Summer of 2010, when the Mavericks themselves were all geared up for the big buy:

A second superstar.

A second superstar, an offensive force, a two-way standout.

Problems? I see few of those that seem to be on the market. And even if one is, then there has to be a fit (he can't be a 4, for example). And then after that, the Mavs have to have something the other team would want. If I'm Cuban, I think those criteria eliminate almost everyone … and my trade list consists of only one name right now:

Carmelo Anthony.

Oh, add Chris Paul to it, too, though CP3 seems to have been pacified in New Orleans. But for the sake of this exercise, let's focus on Anthony. Going back to above "baggage'' that some would want Dallas to unload: Haywood/Butler/JJB would be a laughable offer for ‘Melo – especially with having reported that Denver doesn't want to swap ‘Melo within the conference, and especially with Anthony clearly wanting to work his way to the New York area.

So what if it takes giving up Tyson Chandler (and Roddy Beaubois) to make the blockbuster deal? That's an argument for another day … but mentioning it here illustrates the complications involved here.

By the way: Despite what Cuban has said, I don't think Denver defers a ‘Melo move until the summer. The "to-NY-for-nothing-in-return" threat is a huge risk if Denver waits until then, and I don't think they can afford to take that risk.

So there will be deals discussed. And Dallas will be involved in the discussions. But the only thing that's obvious about any of these collection of Mavs transaction ideas is the marriage with Tyson Chandler … a player who is making Dallas' last major transaction (The DUST Chip) seem like they know what they're doing.

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